Little Red Riding Hood Doodles and Hey Mr Wolf Song :-)

Hey Mr Wolf

Great song this. It’s called “Hey Mr Wolf” by The Real Tuesday Weld.

“The Real Tuesday Weld are a British band, founded by lead singer and producer Stephen Coates in 1999. They have released six albums, many singles and EPs and many tracks on compilations. Their combination of big-band jazz era sounds with electronica and vintage style animations has been influential on the current range of electro swing artists and DJs.” (Wikipedia)

Their music falls into the genre of Indie pop, lounge, electro swing, dark cabaret, music hall, and hauntology.

Microsoft Fresh Paint

So I am really in the mood to learn digital art except that my laptop is on it’s last legs and starting to break down. There is one art thing on it called Microsoft Fresh Paint which is really basic. Plus you have to try and draw with a mouse on the table while looking at the screen. Still it’s a good way to practice.

Little Red Riding Hood

Here’s Little Red Riding Hood. Mystical. Drawn from my imagination she is walking on an evening of the Full Moon. She looks sad and worried and tense this one.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Doodling is easier

It is much easier drawing with a pen or pencil. Than a computer with a mouse. Which is why at some point I will get a tablet with a pen. Here is a Little Red Riding Hood Doodle I did another time.

Post it People Little Red Riding Hood

Meet RED –  Riding Hood

This one just from imagination also. 🙂 I don’t like this one really. But am just experimenting.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
SPOT the Difference

Can you Spot the difference? It’s subtle… 🙂

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Song Lyrics for Hey Mr Wolf

Hey little girl, you look so nice
In the pretty red dress with those pretty black eyes
Hello Mr Wolf, oh what a surprise
To find you here so deep in the night
My dear little girl, what’ s the rush?
How about supper, just the two of us?
Oh Mr Wolf, you want me to stay
But I fear we ‘ll regret it one day

The Real Tuesday Weld

This one is a little abstract and it is really hard to get the eyes done right with a mouse. So it’s a wee bit freaky.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

This is a mixture of Red Riding Hood and Grandmother Moon. Mystical. Spiritual.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

This is Celtic Irish Little Red Riding Hood. She is in a really good Moon Phase.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

So until I get a new computer and ipad and whatever to try digital art I think I am gonna stick with doodling. 🙂

Liittle Red Riding Hood Art Doodle


(This Red Riding Hood Art is by Anne-Marie at – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

12 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood Doodles and Hey Mr Wolf Song :-)

  1. Oh red has a chocker, wrapper tight round her neck. Making it harder to bite! Lol I enjoyed this group will have to see/ hear some more of their work. Sometimes going back to basis’ is good. Nice work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well spotted! She’s also got a headband on. 🙂 Yeah I love this song. I need a new computer and I have wanted to learn Digital Art for ages but no courses. So I am just working with what I’ve got. My fading laptop, a basic program called fresh paint and my computer mouse. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. No not on digital art here. Only if you go to uni and I have 2 degrees already and cant afford to do a 3rd degree. Or college full time with teenagers for 2 years which means you couldnt work. Plus I dont have a mac or anything. So I’m just going to use this basic computer thing and then get a tablet hopefully at some point with a pen. It’s really hard drawing with a mouse. Re youtube that’s not really how I’d learn it. That would be for if you already had Adobe illustrator and a mac most likely etc which I dont. Sounds like the community colleges are better where you are! 😀💕 I think with art and music and photography and stuff you just do it and work with what you have.


        2. This is a brilliant video eob2! Thanks. ❤💜❤ I need to get a new computer plus there are apps on phones I need to try but my phones on its last legs too. Plus I want to get a mobile drawing tablet that’s not extortionately expensive!

          Just started watching that video its spot on! He says drawing with a mouse is like drawing with a rock. I’m gonna practice on this basic thing then when I’m organised get some good stuff when I dejunk!

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        1. The Mermaid stuff was painting. Much better quality and takes a lot more time. But it’s the same style. I’ve made most of my poetry and art private now but I know the one you mean. That Mermaid was done with a mixture of paint. These are digital on Microsoft fresh paint which is very basic but its what’s on my laptop which is about 7 years old now. And I am drawing it with a mouse on a table! Which is hard when you’re trying to do eyes and stuff. But my mouse isn’t even a very good mouse! But I just want to experiment. Sure it’s just a bit of fun. I want to make an illustrated poetry book but I want to use really good horror and fantasy artists for it. ❤

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I noticed the headband but not the choker. 🙂 As someone who can barely draw stick figures, I am quite impressed with your doodling. It sounds like a tablet is the way to go – and that means an iPad!

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