Blonde Bombshells Music

Here is a selection of BLONDE BOMBSHELL Music. Prepare to be shocked! And rocked. And entertained by this playlist! Started with SUNDAY GIRL by Blondie above. Following with Hanging on the Telephone. Two classic Blondie songs. 🙂

Kim Wilde

Kids in America

Always loved this song. One of Kim Wilde’s best. An absolute classic.

View From a Bridge

Madonna Blonde


Into The Groove

Madonna. Wow. What can I say. Grew up with the music of MADONNA and went to see her in concert in Earls Court in London. She’s an absolute icon and I loved the film, “Desperately Seeking Susan”.

Like a Virgin

Live to Tell

Gwen Stefani

Watch you waiting for

Lady Gaga


Blondie gif




Suicide Blonde

Loved INXS and especially Michael Hutchence. He was a superstar and a sex symbol and had an air of mystique about him. He reminded me of Jim Morrison in that respect.

Britney Spears

Baby One More Time

This song made Britney Spears huge and I bought the single. I remember it playing at the gymn. Had really good workout to that music.




ABBA are amazing and always will be. I LOVE Agnetha’s red outfit in this video. It’s so cool! That’s one good thing about working in music you can dress in a really flamboyant way without anyone asking; “Where do you think you’re going?” 🙂



Loved this song.


Get the Party started


Doll Parts

I heard this song for the first time while holidaying in Florida. My brother’s girlfriend at the time was obsessed with this band.

Dolly Parton


One of Dolly Parton’s most famous songs.

Carrie Underwood

Before he Cheats

Delta Goodrem

Innocent Eyes

Thought Delta Goodrem was incredibly talented and beautiful and elegant. She had some lovely songs. I bought this one, her album and sheet music to play her stuff on the piano.

Kylie Minogue

Confide in Me

This is my favourite Kylie song. I think she wrote it at the time she was dating Michael Hutchence. It is very different from her other stuff. I can’t remember ever seeing the video for this. I was expecting it to be very different from this.

Taylor Swift

Look what you made me do

This is the song that made me go “WOW” and look at Taylor Swift in a whole new light.


Crazy in Love

Jennifer Lopez

If you had my Love

Sheryl Crow

Soak up the Sun

A nice hippy, surfy, sunny song. That is the life.



Whenever Wherever

Absolutely LOVED this song and video. Bought the single and the album.

Miley Cyrus

Who Owns my Heart

Loved Miley’s song “The Climb” which is my favourite of her songs. I also love this one. 🙂

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Music Playlist by Supernatural Hippie

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        1. I know! I was going to do a MUSIC blog originally. But there are so many other things I want to write about it too. But I might do a pure music blog in the future. I put music in absolutely every blog post I do. So it’s mostly a music blog this. 🙂

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