Stop This Flame – Celeste – Really Good Song by Talented Soul Singer

Stop this Flame

So every time I go on youtube I am hearing this song. And I really like it. So thought I would share.It’s called “Stop this Flame” and it’s really catchy. I think it would be very good to dance to as there is a Northern Soul kinda vibe about it and also upbeat and poppy. Amazing intro, amazing beat and good lyrics.


Celeste is a Soul singer who was born in California, America but grew up in England. Her home town is Brighton. Her songs are a mixture of soul, jazz and R&B. I had never heard of her until I saw the AD on youtube which just goes to show that advertising does work sometimes.

Award winning artist

I looked her up and she is an award winning artist and has performed at some of Europe’s biggest Music Festivals including Glastonbury. “In late 2019, she won both a Brit Award and a BBC Music Award and was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2020 in an annual BBC poll of music critics, Sound of 2020.” (Wikipedia)

First single of 2020

Stop this Flame is Celeste’s first single of 2020 and she is set to be huge. She has already been compared to Amy Winehouse and I really love her absolutely unique style and amazing voice. This lady has soul… Powerful.#

More Pianos and Dancing on the Streets please

Come on people how could you not dance to this? Or at least tap your feet. LOVE it. 🙂 I also love to see piano’s on the street in music videos and people dancing in the streets. I wish real life was like that! More PIANOS on the streets please! 🙂


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Stop this Flame Celeste

6 thoughts on “Stop This Flame – Celeste – Really Good Song by Talented Soul Singer

    1. I just discovered her on youtube cause I listen to so much music on youtube. 🙂 I went to visit Liverpool in England for a couple of days a few years back and always remember they had pianos on the street there. 🙂 So cool. I am not sure if they were always there or if it was part of a festival. But I love it when I encounter a piano on the street cause you can have a play and you can also get to hear all these amazing people with hidden talents. 🙂 When you see a piano on the street you just gotta play it! Probably a really good way to sell pianos too. Or promote a festival or show. I love dancing in the streets. 🙂 As a concept.

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