Happy FULL MOON, SuperMoon, Worm Moon, Crow Moon

Happy March Full Moon

Happy Full Moon, Super Moon, Worm Moon, March 2020. Also known as Crow Moon, Sap Moon and Lenten Moon. It seems like there are lots of Supermoon’s and eclipses about now. But I guess it just reminds us of the Moon in the Night Sky which some people may not pay much attention to but which other people like to gaze at. The Full Moon in the evening sky certainly adds a bit of mystery to life.

SuperMoon and Worm Moon

This Full Moon in March 2020 is closer to the earth than an average moon looking infinitely bigger and brighter hence the name Super Moon. The name “Worm Moon” originated in the Native American civilisations that gave the Moon a name at certain times of the year. The Worm Moon marked the end of winter and a time the ground was starting to defrost and worms could be emerging. Birds would begin to feed again and Spring was in the air.

Crow Moon, Sap Moon and Lenten Moon

It was also called “The Crow Moon” as it was a time of year the crows were cawing and it marked the end of winter. Other names it was given were the “Sap Moon” when sap would start to be collected from maple trees and “The Lenten Moon”. This moon is usually the last one before the Spring Equinox when a new cycle begins and the winter is left behind.

8 thoughts on “Happy FULL MOON, SuperMoon, Worm Moon, Crow Moon

  1. It’s raining here, again. We’ve had 4 days out of 7 with rain. At least the weekends are nice. 😕 I planned to take some photos. I enjoyed the informative video link. Our dogwood is beginning to bloom.

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    1. It’s half an hour after midnight here and I just went to look out the window, It’s mild drizzly rain here and a dark sky. You can’t see the MOON. But someone somewhere will have a better view. 🙂 I just googled Dogwood! There’s Daffodils here.

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