In the Realm of Faeries – Mystical, Magic, Haunting, Ethereal,Enchanting Fairy Music and my musings on Fairies….

Fairies in Fairytale, Mythology and Legend

The song above is a rendition of William Butler Yeat’s famous poem “The Stolen Child” sung by Loreena McKennit. I have always loved that poem. Growing up I had a love of Fairytales. And also of Celtic Mythology and stories that featured fairies and other legends such as “The Children of Lir”. This is a beautiful book my mum gave me recently written by Marie Heaney, the daughter of Seamus Heaney.

The Names Upon the Harp Marie Heaney

The Stolen Child

Someone gave me a postcard once with lines from the famous Yeats poem, “The Stolen Child”. I still have it. I was given it when I was still at school and I kept it.ย Of course William Butler Yeats wrote often of the fairy lore. And so I have a love and fascination of Yeats and that Magical school of thought. I found out while I was visiting Sligo last Summer that there was a “Yeats by Candle Light” event on and I think it was readings at midnight. I was there with a friend doing other stuff and noticed this event too late but hope to go to more events like that this year.

The Stolen Child William Butler Yeats Postcard Sligo

WB YEATS Cast a cold eye on death Horsemen Pass by

Superstitions, Fairy Glens and Fairy Rings

As a child I would hear of the superstitions around fairies such as never cutting down a fairy tree in a field. And someone told me once of a boy who had come into school with a branch from a fairy tree and it caused some upset. My dad and my grand parents told me stories and pointed out fairy trees on countryside drives. I spent a year living in a coastal area where time moved incredibly slow compared to the city and where there was certainly more magic in the air. An older man told me that people took the concept of fairies seriously there and it was enshrined in their way of living. It was certainly interesting to listen to the stories from older generations that will soon be long lost. Older people could spot a fairy glen or a fairy ring. I had a friend many years ago that collected stories from older people on fairy lore.


When a young man entered the castle researching the Legends of the Fae

I found a very unusual journal in a book shop, now no longer in existence where an English Man in the 1800s had travelled to a part of Ireland to research fairy lore. It was quite fascinating. I was prompted to find this after an attractive, intelligent, young man entered the castle I was working in and said he had travelled from Whitby Bay in England to research Fairy lore for his University Degree. He was young, tallish, slim and had longish hair, half dark and half blonde. I guess you could say he looked a bit New Romantic or New Wave. He left me an Opalite crystal bracelet. I told him my name in Gaelic was Aine and Aine in legend was Queen of the Fairies. Interestingly she was also associated with Midsummers Eve and I was a Summer Solstice baby. I love mythology. Opalite is a man made crystal but lovely and shimmery. It is what I always imagined Moonstone to look like. Though in essence Moonstone does not look like this. Being Cancerian my birthstone is Moonstone. Also Opalite can be associated with this star sign, as well as Emerald, Ruby and Pearl.

Moonstone Cancerian

Then I felt called to Whitby Bay

This boy visiting planted then the seeds of me wanting to visit Whitby Bay in England which of course I later discovered was one of the locations in the Dracula Novel. I still haven’t been there but it’s a place I plan to visit. I had lived some time in Leeds and Yorkshire previously and also Birmingham but had never thought to visit there at the time. It is in my travel plans now.

Mystical parts of England

One summer I went to the Summer Solstice in Stonehenge, then discovered the mystical Cheddar Gorge, which is full of caves and fairies and dragons. Then we travelled round Cornwall. To me, Cornwall was the most mystical part of England. I found some amazing beautiful little villages and beaches on that trip and it was a really hot summer. I also discovered the Minack Theatre which is an amazing open air theatre perched on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean near Lands End. On my wanderings I picked up this little fairy. On this visit I also went to Glastonbury which I absolutely love. It’s filled with the most amazing mystical shops and mystery schools.

Birthstone Fairy

Enchanting Fairy Music

Anyway I thought I would share some enchanting Fairy Music that I found for those of you that are interested in otherworldly things and otherworldly sounds. Some feel called to explore the depths of the magic and mysticism of the fairies as if they were as real as history itself. They have their eternal place in the Akashic Records and the Psyche of our Planet. To be enchanted by these ethereal beings is an Ageless thing, a timeless thing and as old as time itself and as fresh as the morning dew.

Magical Fairy Music – Night Fairies

The beautiful composition above falls into the genre of Medieval & World Music and is by Brandon Fiechter. He describes it as follows… “Magical fairy music about a dark magical forest inhabited by fairies who only come out at night. In this deep ancient woods, the soft glow of fairies and fireflies are some of the only lights ever seen, as the sun rarely penetrates through its thick forest canopy. This music that I composed is called Night Fairies.”

The Fairy Woods

This piece of music falls into the genre of Fantasy, Celtic and World Music and is by Derek Fiechter & Brandon Fiechter and is called “The Fairy Woods”. They describe it as follows… “Celtic music about a rather dark forest in the heart of fairyland where mythical creatures live. This music is called The Fairy Woods. We hope you enjoy it!”

Fairies of Moonbeam Valley

This composition falls into the gennre of Fantasy and Dark Music by Derek Fiechter. He describes it as… “Beautiful fairy music about fairies who live in a magical valley where it’s always night and the moon is always shining. This music I composed is called Fairies of Moonbeam Valley. I hope you enjoy listening to it!”

Celtic Fairy Music – Moonlight Dance

More Fantasy Music by Derek Fiechter. He describes this one as… “Celtic music about fairies who live in a beautiful fantasy forest who come out to dance and frolic during the moonlight. This music I composed is called Moonlight Dance. I hope you enjoy listening to it!” I could totally imagine dancing to this in a forest.

Fairytale Night Song

This is the beautiful song Boadicea by Enya. You will recognise it as it was used on the Fugees – Ready or Not. This the original instrumental Enya version. A truly Enchanting song as the visuals in this video are perfect. You are going to now be transported to the fairy realm. Have a nice time! ๐Ÿ™‚ This video is going to send a shiver down your spine. It is so atmospheric,..

Does anyone know which film this fairy footage is from? I want to watch it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Fairy Stuff

Throughout the years I have picked up little fairy bits and pieces. Books, pictures, different things. I am sure I have a stack of beautiful books if I start looking for them.

Fairy Art Book


Wood Nymph sketch

Children’s Fairy Book

This is a really adorable Children’s Book I picked up once. I really love it. It’s written by Mel Fisher and illustrated by Roisin Matthews.

Beautiful Irish Fairy
Keep The Magic Alive

So there you go some of my musings on fairies. I am no expert on this but I have to say I feel much more connected to the mythology of these magical beings than to the battlefields of history. To me they almost represent the spirit of the forest. I have a friend whose parents live in quite an isolated part of Ireland where wild animals roam and dragonflies zoom by, where the land is overgrown and where few humans tread. To him it’s a place where the fairies have their space. I see relentless deforestation on a daily basis which must be stopped or we will no longer have any nature, just a dystopian void. We must leave sacred spaces on our planet for the wild things. For without them, life loses it’s mystery. And I for one want to keep The Magic alive.

Mystical Fairy Picture

Fairytale Quote Yeats

King of The Fairies – The Horslips

I will leave you with The Horslips. I’ve always loved this Irish Celtic Rock Band and I love this video compilation someone made to one of their songs, “The King of the Fairies”. I think it was released in 1974.


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Fairies on water gif


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        1. Awww. It’s such a beautiful poem. I have the little postcard in my kitchen now. I kept it since childhood as it was such a beautiful poem and a little bit of magic to keep with me.


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