Lockdown’s Lifting… YAY! Plus Full THUNDER MOON and Lunar Eclipse this weekend…

Lockdown’s Lifting

Hi there, Supernatural Hippie Followers! WOW. I have not blogged in a while. I could not be bothered talking about Coronavirus, Covid 19, The invisible enemy, pandemics, social distancing, etc, etc as it was just everywhere. I don’t watch the news and even if you did no-one really knew what was happening. I just got out in nature and did other stuff. Will start working on my blog again and writing about interesting, intriguing and offbeat and mysterious stuff. 🙂 Soooooo GLAD we are allowed back in the SEA now. I am off to the coast this weekend and will resume blog next week.

Full Thunder Moon and Lunar Eclipse

This weekend marks a FULL MOON. The Full Thunder Moon also known by other names such as The Blessing Moon, Buck Moon and Full Hay Moon. It’s also the Fourth of July weekend in the USA.  There will be an intense lunar eclipse in the sign of Capricorn.

It’s Good to be Free

Can’t wait till International Travel Restrictions are lifted as one of my favourite things in life is travelling and learning about other cultures. There was some great Music during Lockdown wasn’t there. I started following Mark Rebillet. This was one of his funky songs… F-U-N-K-Y

If I had to do Lockdown  all over again I would plan it better! HA! But it was so out of the Blue it was weird. Hope all my fellow bloggers are doing well and in good health and looking forward to connecting with you once again. Will leave you with the music of Mark Rebillet and “Don’t Worry”.


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11 thoughts on “Lockdown’s Lifting… YAY! Plus Full THUNDER MOON and Lunar Eclipse this weekend…

  1. Hi, Great to see your keeping us up to date and of course entertained again, missed you, hope your well,me, gone “slightly crazy” being indoors for 3 months. Here in the UK Restrictions are gradually being lifted but now am nervous going out occasionally. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your day of freedom.🦋Xx


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  2. So happy to see you blogging again ❤ Love that FUNK !!!!! (I wish i knew how to make music like that ) I LOVE FUNK ! YOU are so lucky to be able to go to the SEA …..HAVE A GREAT TIME !!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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