Friday the 13th and Dark Crystals…

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

Happy Friday the 13th! 2020. Eek! Today I woke up to a beautiful Autumnal day that just beckoned me to go outside. Blue skies and Autumn colours. Friday the 13th always feels like a Magical kind of day. So I thought I need to do something magical!

I toyed with the idea of going for a walk in the forest or heading to the coast but instead decided I was going to visit a Magical Mystical shop. I didn’t know it existed until this new girl I met told me.

Magical Mystical Shop

I found it and browsed around. Wasn’t sure what to buy. I decided on a black crystal. Or two! I’ve never ever had a black crystal before but these are dark times. I read recently that Nostradamus worked with obsidian which was interesting. I decided to pick a piece of Obsidian I could actually carry as it is used for protection.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Crystal


I then stumbled upon Shungite or rather was led to it after enquiring as to which crystals would protect you from electro magnetic radiation. I found a piece I liked but then a lady working there told me that it’s best to wear that crystal. And you can also buy larger pieces to place around. They sold pendants but also said they could put a piece in wire so I went for that.

Shungite Black Crystal

Black Crystal Pendant Necklaces

I’m not totally feeling it as regards the design so I had a look online and I’m going to go for one of these….

Shungite pendants

Shungite Pendant necklace

I like the last one best. 🙂 The reason I like these ones is because they are not wrapped in wire so you can actually touch the stone.

Palo Santo

I also got some Palo Santo. It comes from a tree that is native to South America and in Spanish translates to Holy Wood. A guy in the shop lit some and wafted it around and it smelt lovely. Another guy that was in buying stuff was stating the difference between sage and palo santo. He said that sage cleanses all the energy for a fresh start whereas palo santo cleanses bad but leaves good. Interesting. I kind of feel in a Spring Clean kind of mood even though it’s November. 

Practical Stuff

I also had to go looking for a new mattress today. So when I get that sorted and totally tidy up I want to do a major dejunk. It will take a long time. But I think that having clutter and a lot of material possessions can block your creativity. I have wanted to sit down and do art for a long time but I need to clear a space first. 

Black Boots

Got these trendy black boots today. Super comfy and cool. They are not totally black slightly lighter more like a dark charcoal. I have always been into bright colours like bright coral red. In boots I like brown. But sometimes I get the odd dark thing for a change.

Trendy Charcoal Black Ankle Boots with small wedge heel

Interesting Shop

I like shops like this. I call them Mystical Hippy shops. 

Tarot Cards

There was lots of cool Tarot cards there. I keep meaning to buy a pack. I have decided which one I want to buy. I also discovered another super cool tarot deck but you can no longer purchase it. Unless you find a pack online and spend hundreds. The artwork was amazing. I feel now is the time to learn a new skill. 

HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th!!!! 🙂

Dark Forest


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16 thoughts on “Friday the 13th and Dark Crystals…

  1. Love the boots! Shungite is a good one. I’m partial to labradorite because it protects my aura, I never leave home without it. Palo Santo smells amazing, it’s one of my favorites. I love little shops like that too, the two in my area closed this year. I’m curious to know which tarot cards you decided on? I love my shapeshifter tarot but it’s not made anymore. I still look at the new decks whenever I come across them. I hope you have a great day!!

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    1. I’ve never heard of laboradite before. Will have to look into it. First time smelling Palo Santo and wow it is dreamily beautiful. ❤️ Yes shops like that are harder and harder to find. But always an Adventure.

      So I ordered the Rider Waite Tarot. It is meant to be the iconic, original tarot deck and the best to start with and learn from. There’s several reasons I decided on that one. The other one I wanted was a Vampire Tarot that’s no longer in circulation.

      Never heard of the Shapeshifter Tarot. Sounds very interesting… 🖤

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      1. My friend KB uses that one and you are right, it is iconic. There’s a sight called Biddy Tarot that has a lot of information. I never paid for anything or took any workshops but I feel like I learned a lot. If you have time you should check it out. Have a good night 🌙

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        1. Thanks. I met someone a while back who used that tarot and said they were the ones. Also the lady in that shop told me they were the best to begin with. Another person also mentioned Biddy Tarot to me as being one of the best sites to check out. I have also ordered a tarot book. I ordered a large version of the cards so I can really study the imagery. And if life ever gets going again hopefully I will get to go to a workshop at some point. I love learning new stuff and I love Tarot and Oracle cards as they are so intricate and the artwork is so amazing and they have so many different levels of meaning. Have a Lovely Evening.

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  2. Aw amazing, I really enjoyed your sharing here, and it´s actually perfect timing for me to read this! I adore these shops as well! I used to live in Fremantle, Australia, and it totally had that creative, spiritual vibe with many magical little shops and just a really cool, eclectic and spiritual community. I am totally gonna order Palo Santo and Shungite now! Thanks for this – perfect timing:)

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    1. I want to live somewhere on this planet where the creative artistic musical and spiritual vibe just permeates instead of being hidden down an unsuspecting street. 🙂 I am still trying to find that place. ❤️

      First time using Palo Santo it’s so dreamy. Love it. Crystals are fascinating things. This was my first time exploring dark gemstones. Interesting. 🖤


      1. I so feel you on this!! Fremantle and Ubud in Bali both had the vibe you are describing here and I absolutely loved living there. Byron Bay is like that, too…great energy. I feel the same way you do!! Living in beautiful Marbella at the moment, but just not my vibe energy wise. Let me know if you come across a place that resonates please:) Hope there is something like it in Europe, I d totally move there!❤️❤️❤️

        Funny thing – I have three dark gemstones in front of me as we speak! (I usually don´t,!!!) Obsidian, Onyx and another one… Plus listened to Alberto Villoldo yesterday on the free “Energy medicine and healing summit” – he mentioned Palo Santo 😀❤️❤️❤️

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        1. There’s a few good vibe places I’ve encountered… Asheville in the Smoky Mountains, Glastonbury in England, Cheddar Gorge in England, Galway in Ireland, Sedona in the USA, Edinburgh in Scotland, Prague in the Czech Republic, Palma in Mallorca, Thassos in Greece and I’m still thinking…. I’ve only been to USA and Europe so far. Would love to visit Oregion, Mount Shasta, Vancouver and Goa. Remember visiting a little place called Cape May once in USA and thought it was lovely. I love coastal towns with mermaid art and mystical stuff and veggie food. 💙💙💙

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        2. Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing all these – gonna jot them down as I have been researching for a while now where to move to next eventually. Awesome! I think we have similar preferences re ideal places to live:) Coastal towns with mermaid art, mythical stuff, and veggie food sounds perfect. 💙💙💙

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        3. I want to move too. I’m 100% ready to go but just don’t know where!!!! As I’d be moving alone. So I need to decide that too. I was half thinking of doing another degree in a new city part time and working part time. But I guess if I followed my heart I want to be living by uncomnercialised coast near a mystical town!!!

          Even getting a job in one of these little shops in a coastal town somewhere would be brill. Hard to find affordable rent now too. Its so easy to know you want to leave a place but so hard to figure out where you want to go. You know you want to leave A but don’t know where B is. 🤔

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        4. I so understand!!! Totally!! Feeling very similar. In the past I usually had a really good feel for where to move next, still waiting for that next inspiration, though, and have been for a while… had pondered Ibiza, too… but YES it´s what you say here – community and how to connect with and into a likeminded community is so important (which I ve just found out for myself in the last years). I have been researching regarding spiritual communities and university town! YES ideally by the uncommercialized coast, too… I find Findhorn super alluring, but its very far away from anything really… I was just thinking that maybe making a Vision Board might help both of us? Envisioning a dream place and see how everything flows…

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        5. Wow yes good idea re vision board. I’ve actually created several vision books and was going to do a post about them with some pictures. But for the one purpose of finding where I should move next I might do a board for that alone. I already have 2 degrees but it’s all low paid work really unless you’re highly skilled in information technology or engineering or you work in big pharma or something. The well paid jobs aren’t ones I want. I want live music art poetry free movement dance nature creative writing veg food helping animals and people being creative holistic therapies learning reading all that kind of stuff. Swimming boogie boarding. Peaceful away from big city. Growing organic fruit and veg too. Just a simple life but maybe creating creative life enhancing projects.

          I don’t have a pull to a certain place at the moment either. Or if i do I think it’s maybe not possible. Meant to say I’d love to go to Hawaii! Not sure how easy that would be! ☀️☀️☀️ Honestly I’d just love to travel the world by land and sea that would be really living. ❤️ Still pondering next move…. 2021

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  3. Lol have to chuckle because we/ our interests and preferences are very much aligned! Music, art, poetry, dance, nature, writing, helping animals etc… all the interests you have listed here resonate lots with me haha. Organic fruit and veg…peaceful…yep! And I sure your dream of going to Hawaii, too! haha. So cool with your 2 degrees, are those the ones you mentioned with History and Art Appreciation? Or which degrees do you have? Yeah I feel you on generating a solid income by doing what we love thing…have been on it for the last decade, since finishing Uni (Cultural Studies). Currently looking for a part time remote job and looking into monetizing my blog, plus offering the other stuff I have certificates/ training in. Have a few students atm which is a good start… plus starting Wellness Coaching etc… it´s a brave new world! Love the idea of the vision board post.

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