Pixie’s Magical Teapot – A Magical Poem – Magical Poetry – Psychedelic Poetry – A Psychedelic Tea Poem

Pixie’s Magical Teapot – A Psychedelic Tea Poem

Pixie poured another cup
Of Pixie’s Special Tea
She drank it all the time
Rather Relentlessly
She filled it up
She poured it out
Held the handle
Tipped the spout

Whenever you went to Pixie’s Place
It was hard to keep up
With her drinking pace
Pixie’s Teapot
Was always full
And Pixie’s Place
Was very cool

It’s a Magical Teapot
I heard her say
Though I wasn’t sure
In just what way
She said it was a gift
She’d received from
Some quirky Magical Folk
Pixie was Eccentric
She put on more lipstick
And lit her smoke

She said she’d never be thirsty
With that Teapot
From the Forest People
She said when she got her stuff from them
It was either Really Good
Or Bloody Lethal

She said they gave her Tea Leaves too
And all kinds of interesting stuff
Roots and Herbs and Plants and things
She couldn’t get enough

The Teapot was a vibrant thing
It really was a Wonder
Every time you looked at it
It seemed to change it’s colour
Sometimes you thought
It was changing shape
Even beginning to dance
You could see why
She called it Magic
It almost put you in a trance

Any time you went to see Miss Pixie
She’d always have a Brew close by
She’d pop a cuppa on the table
Before you’d even uttered Hi

Pixie’s cups of Special Tea
Were getting rather Famous
And the Teapots colours were so entrancing
Psychedelic and Outrageous

Pixie’s cups of Famous Tea
And Pixie’s Magic Pot
Left all others in the shade
That tea was steamin’ hot

Her Forest Brew would lift you up
Then leave you rather calm
You could say Pixie’s Magical Teapot
And Pixie’s Strange and Special Brews
Were The Best in all The Land

By Anne-Marie at SupernaturalHippie.com

This poem is for SupernaturalHippie.com. No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

Are you an Artist? Can you draw Pixie’s Magical Teapot? Or Pixie’s Magical Tea? Or Pixie and her tea drinking friends? If so send it on. 🙂 (To supernaturalwriting@outlook.com with Pixie’s Magical Teapot in the subject line. )

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