Christmassy, Cute and Magical Stuff to fill you with Cheer…

Tis the Season…

Christmas Tree

So here are some Christmassy things I have sighted on my Meanderings….

I want to buy one of these when the shops open…

Happy Holidays Red Micky Mouse cute Christmas jumper

Santa Clause Festive sweatshirt

I’d happily wear both of these… πŸ™‚ CUTE.

Let it Snow Green Snoopy Christmas Jumper (2)

Nice magic mushroom tin.

Magic Mushroom Christmas Tin

Santa Cupcake Display Dish

My friends Gnomey.

Grey Christmas Cuddly Gnome

Harry Potter stuff in Marks and Spencers.

Harry Potter House Crest tins

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

Christmas Harry Potter Chocolate Dumbledore Wands Marks and Spencers

Harry Potter Doll with Chocolate Wand

Cute Harry Potter Doll

GingerBread Man

GingerBread Man

Another friends Rudolph that he made. In the USA.

Wooden Chrsitmas Reindeer on Table

Stardust. Loved the movie, need to read the book.

Neil Gaiman Stardust

The End is Nigh…

Christmas Horror Display

The Nightmare before Christmas Misfit Love T-shirt

Beautiful Red Plant a friend in work got me. Not sure what type of plant it is. LOVE the plant pot. Makes me think of BAMBI.

Beautiful Red Plant

Bambi Christmas Red Plant Pot

Christmas Coca-Cola Time…

Coca-Cola Santa Christmas Tins 2020

Christmas Starbucks from a friend in the USA who sent me a Starbucks Giftcard in a Christmas Card.

Christmas Starbucks with Elf

Loud Red Christmas Suit a friend in the USA saw…

Loud Red Christmas Novelty Suit

OMG Santa I know him!!!

Will Ferrell Elf OMG Santa I know him Bag on Bus (2)

Cute Santa Cuddly toy with Gingerbread Men (2)

A Winter Wonderland.

Coca-Cola Winter Wonderland


These photos are by Anne-Marie at All rights reserved. No anauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

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