Happy Wolf Moon 2021 – First Full Moon of the year Musings and Full Wolf Moon Stone I painted

First Full Moon of 2021

Greetings Supernatural Hippies! I have not written in a while but have some great nature photos and magical photography to share. I think I have been blocked, not creatively as such but a bit overwhelmed, stressed at times, anxious at times and perhaps demotivated. I’ve had lots of ideas. I have written poems, created art, taken photos, had things to write about. But it was actually getting the time and also I need a new computer etc.

Going to read 1984 by George Orwell

So we have been in Lockdown for nearly a year now and it’s getting absolutely intolerable for nearly everyone. Really hoping life can get back to normal again as I feel like I’ve fallen into a Dystopian Sci-Fi Horror Movie! And it’s not ending any time soon. On that subject I finally found a copy of the novel 1984 by George Orwell which I am going to read. Absolutely everyone I know is miserable now and it feels like war times or something. I guess it’s different wherever you live and some people handle it better than others. Everyone has their own different fear about some aspect of what is happening. 2020 has got to be one of the worst years ever and 2021 is not looking good either. 

Mainstream Media is toxic now

So I decided I want to be done with looking at the mainstream media as it’s both terrifying and depressing and also baffling at times. Like I’ve said before I don’t have a TV but having a phone and going on to social media you get the same exposure. So today on the Wolf Moon I abandoned the phone to go and paint a stone that I found on a walk in the snow.

Wolf Stone in the Snow

The Wolf Stone

When I saw it I thought – Werewolf! When I decided to draw it I thought I would draw a wolf. Not the easiest thing and I had to create it within the shape of the stone so there are limitations with that, such as one ear being bigger than the other and not having the hair around the face as the stone was too small for that. I am quite happy with the end result. And this is my Magical Wolf Stone. As I found him in the Snow I thought he had to be a White Wolf. The White Wolf symbolises purity and protection. 

Painting Wolf on a Stone Art

Painting Pebbles

I have a whole lot of pebbles to paint. It is time consuming but it’s also enjoyable and really creative. Painting the Wolf today is the beginning of painting the pebbles. And for me this Wolf Moon represents a shift in consciousness, a turning point. January is a really depressing long dark and cold month. Obviously the isolation of lockdown makes that worse. But instead of looking at the holographic world of the mainstream media today with what some would call vested interests among other things, depending where you live, I chose to focus on the energy of the moon and to be creative.

Full Wolf Moon January 2021 art

In 2021 I will try and be creative and avoid seeing the news

For the next few months I will focus on creating art, reading, tidying up, journalling, hopefully creating content here and trying to set some goals and stuff. I think the fear inducing mainstream media distracts us from ourselves as there is constantly something to worry about and be afraid of. And social media should be to connect with like minds which MySpace used to be but some of the social media now is divisive rather than social with restrictive corporate algorithmns. I think I need to try out new social media so if anyone has any good sites to recommend let me know. 

Painting Pebbles and connecting with Creativity or a divine purpose

Just wondering if any of you paint stones or pebbles? I’ve seen some amazing ones out there. Well anyway I recommend it. This full moon has a powerful energy and may help unlock your creative side. The Moon represents the great light in the dark. It reconnects us to nature. It is the same Moon our ancestors gazed at, the same moon we were born with, the same moon we will die with. It represents Mystery, Magic, Creativity, Intuition and Imagination. Now at the dark time of the year, a lot of people want to hibernate. And it is a great time to go inward. And also leaving behind those things that don’t serve you, to nurture yourself and reconnect to your divine purpose. Your purpose on this planet and your one life. It’s a good time to disconnect from what is draining you and reconnect to something more inspirational. 

The Full Wolf Moon

So there are numerous articles about the Wolf Moon and I had written about the Wolf Moon last year where I found a great video about being a LONE WOLF. I reckon there are more Lone Wolves now than ever before. Traditionally this was a time for Wolves to Howl. And it feels like a time that people want to raise their voices and be heard. A Collective Howl if you will. When all that’s under the surface comes to the fore. Which it inevitably, eventually will. 

Wolf Moon Sketch

Kelly’s Magical Realm

So this year I found 2 great youtube videos from a Youtuber called Kelly whose channel is called “Kelly’s Magical Realm”. These are two really informative videos about the background to The Wolf Moon and a bit about the folklore involved. In the second video she mentions that Ireland used to be called Wolf Land and was deeply forested but after Cromwell’s invasion the trees were cut down and the wolves were ordered to be slaughtered. His arrival signalled the death knell for the wolves of Ireland. 😦 How tragic. I love Wolves. They are very special and have long been connected with the supernatural. Sadly the Last Wolf in Ireland was killed in 1786, according to Wild Ireland. You can find more information on their website about Wolves in Ireland. There is much written about the history of wolves in Ireland and it is not an area I have researched and there are differing accounts as to where and when the last wolf in Ireland was killed. 

I’d rather be Off Grid

The place that I live, despite being close to a city, is also very close to an amazing, labyrinthine stretch of woodland, rivers, hills and fields. Wolves once ran here and the area would have been much more forested. I really wish our world could return to a more natural state in all senses. We are too controlled by technology and too removed from the land. The more technology progresses and the more that outside organisations want to invade our private space the more I want to retreat into the arms of nature. I prefer the land of animals, trees, mountains, oceans and wild landscapes than the technocracy we find ourselves in. 

Begin your inner journey

I hope you have a Beautiful and Blessed Evening under The Full Wolf Moon. It took me a while today to paint this pebble, But at least I brought out the Wolf in it. I think we all have an inner power within us like the wolf. In this time of Lone Wolves and Soul Searching the journey is within if you can distance yourself from distractions that don’t serve you. I hope everyone is well. There are some bloggers I wonder about and that I have connected with simply through the medium of words, art and music. I hope everyone is hanging in there.  Also if anyone has emailed me and I have not gotten back to you apologies. I have not been on this website for a while. Let’s hope 2021 might be a better year…

This blog post and wolf art is by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.


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27 thoughts on “Happy Wolf Moon 2021 – First Full Moon of the year Musings and Full Wolf Moon Stone I painted

  1. Nice to see your post, the full moons aren’t the same without your commentary. I listen to the news (the election being nerve wrecking). I’m exhausted by politics these past 4 years. COVID has been rampant since it was mishandled from the start. I’m happy as you know to live and roam free. You wolf rocks 😉 great job. We are moving into longer days and indeed hopefully a more bright future. Hope you enjoy 1984 I did and see much has come to pass. Do take care and be safe. Toss in a post now and than. 🌎✌🏻💙 🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks eob2. 💙 I’m glad you like my Full Moon posts. 🙂 I’ve seen the news too even though I’ve no TV. It pops up on YouTube all the time. 🙄 And wow yeah American politics is a rollercoaster ride! It’s hard to know where you stand. 🤔 Yes you live where you can roam free and wild yay. Yes I like Wolfie. 🐺 I’ve had 1984 lurking on my bookcase for years. I think now is the time to read it. 📖 HAPPY WOLF MOON. 🐺🐺🐺

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha….(you’re indoors) at least you haven’t lost your sense of humor 💗
    Cool wolf rock you found ! Cute wolf artwork 💗 Happy to see you again 💗 I don’t paint rocks… but I’ve been making bracelets from gemstones and crystals 💗💗💗

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hello Sandy. Hope you are doing well. ❤️ You seem really arty and creative. Would love to see some of your gemstone and crystal bracelets. Sound wonderful if you ever do a post about it. I think you’d like painting rocks. pebbles or stones. I usually pick up ones that I can see something in and on that one I clearly saw a Wolf. 🐺🐺🐺

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Yes I would love to paint rocks some day too !!! I will send photos in email… I try to keep this poetry blog just for poetry now… but when I saw that lotus photo it really went with the poem I wrote previously…


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  5. Hi Anne-Marie! Awesome post, great to have you back! I have been also way too absent from blogging the last 2,3 months but getting back into it now. Yep, almost everyone seems quite drained by now and it´s crucial, I find, to consciously focus on creativity, nature, and just anything that brings the energy up. Loved what you are sharing here about the Wolfe´s moon and about the symbolism and energy behind/ within wolves in general! Also, great job on that pebble-painting, that wolf looks really awesome!! Thanks for inspiring me, I´ll go out to look for some rocks later and follow suit, as this looks very fun and I haven´t tried it yet:) I got creative yesterday by writing, dancing, and singing, as well as checking out some awesome Italian music on YouTube. I love some aspects of Social Media, I feel we just need to bring a lot of discernment and mindfulness into it. People´s minds and energy fields and emotions need clearing, which is mirrored in many places atm… that´s at least my take. Working on clearing my mind etc regularly anyways, to the best of my abilities. Big hugs to you! Cheers for a great post 🙂 🐺🐺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Gypsy. ❤️❤️❤️ Loved your photos of Rome. 😍 Yeah I think that a lot of people have abandoned their blogs during this time. I’ve also been thinking where I’m going with this one and if I should create a different one etc. This one is very niche so I will always keep it but Ive ideas for other blogs too. I guess it just costs money and takes time. But it allows me to be me. Which I guess is why most people do this. To be creative and expressive and try and connect to kindred spirits.

      I think you will really enjoy finding rocks pebbles or stones to paint. When I find one I usually see immediately what I want to paint in it. Its a fun thing to do. It’s actually took me all of yesterday to paint wolfie and write this blog post and get the photos and get it all up there. Need to find a way to generate income from doing what I like!!!

      I need to get into the dancing and singing again. I almost feel like the music in the world has died! Need to get back on my keyboard. The weather’s a bit dreary here today so not very inspiring. No snow either but there was a few days ago and I’ve got some great photos. ❄️❄️❄️

      You’re right about media stuff. There is some good things. Like those wolf videos I’ve shared here. And I watch YouTube every day and have subscribed to some great channels and been watching stuff about all kinds of things, nikola tesla, quantum physics, motivation etc. It’s those days that you swipe on your phone and see things you don’t even want to see and your mood goes low. It’s like how I felt having a TV so now I’ve just got netflix. It’s about balance like you say.

      Anyway if you do paint some rocks would love to see them! 😊 I love drawing on rocks and driftwood as I usually see something in the object first. I just need to get varnish or whatever it is people put over pebble art to keep it good. I doubt the shops are opening any time soon though! Sending hugs your way. 💕💞💕

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      1. Hello lovely 🙂 💕💕💕 So nice to read from you. Let me get back to you on the weekend on your beautiful answer, the full moon kept me up late and I need a nap:) Wonderful to reconnect with you! Big hugs right back at ya 💕💕💕

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Hi Hippie :), so glad you enjoyed the Rome pics! Keep sharing your creativity, you are very talented! YouTube is a great platform, I am on it every day and love discovering new artists and music from around the world there! Singing, dancing, and music are such blessings… just like nature is. Maybe you could order the varnish online? I am pretty relaxed re creating art, so could take a while:) But I really appreciate your motivation and kindness here! And LOVE wolfie and your new logo, too. Sending much love and big hugs dear Anne-Marie! 💕💕

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Magick Mermaid. 💙 A lot of people think of wolves this time of year around the Wolf Moon. 🐺 A friend in the USA told me the wolves were howling last night and its mating season for them. The Lone Wolf has been in my thoughts also. If you check out my Wolf Post from last year there’s a great Lone Wolf video. 🐺 Hope you are well. 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

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  6. Well done ! I have to say that while I lead a pretty recusive life, even I am missing what little bit of human contact I used to have. My social life is now composed of visiting doctors LOL. It sounds like you live in a nice spot in Nature. Soak it up. And thanks for the info on the Wolf Moon. Very cool !

    Liked by 2 people

  7. It makes you realise how critical human contact is to normal human functioning and health and mood and just life in general. 👥 Hope you’re doing okay and get out of the visiting doctors loop soon. I live close to a nature spot though a bit bored of going to the same places. And need to motivate myself to go out more generally! 💙

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  8. The wolf pebble is amazing! I’m glad you’re back, I always enjoy your posts. When you were talking about wolves in Ireland it made me think of the movie Wolfwalkers. It was made by the same people who made Song of the Sea which was also a great movie. I think you would enjoy both of them. I bought a new tarot deck which made me think of our conversation a couple of months ago, I will write about it tomorrow and post a picture. I hope you are having a great night…Zia

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  9. Nice post! My husband and I really try to limit the amount of news we watch. I think it can make a person paranoid if watched too much because they dwell on so much negative stuff.

    I’m pretty terrible at art but I’m quite appreciative of it. I love to write and play music though… we all have our outlets! 🙂

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