Life Should be Fun – Poem

Life Should be FUN – Poem

Remember to Sing 
Remember to Dance
Remember that Life
Is about taking a chance
Rules aren’t always right
And they’re made to be broken
Sometimes Life is about
Drinking and Smoking
Letting your hair down
And letting it rip
Putting your face to the Sun
And taking a trip
Remember in life
What it means to be human
Forget Dystopian News
And don’t let the Gloom in
Follow your Passion
Follow your Bliss
Life’s about LOVE
So give it a KISS
Fulfill your Potential
Follow your Passion
Don’t sit in your room
Cause Life’s about Action
When TV’s indoctrinate
And Phones aren’t so smart
That’s when you know
You gotta tear things apart
Get off the grid
And find some new friends
Life is a journey
With twists and with bends
If Life’s not an Adventure
With no element of risk
Life as we know it
Will cease to exist
Our Time on this Planet
Is swift and is short
Don’t come to Death’s Door
With nothing to report
Start writing your script
Start beating your drum
Life is a Gift and 
Life should be… FUN…

By Anne-Marie at SupernaturalHippie

This Poem and photo is by Anne-Marie at Supernatural Hippie. No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent. 🙂


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13 thoughts on “Life Should be Fun – Poem

  1. Indeed it should be, and you’ve brought some with your poem. Welcome back!
    Hoping you’ll be posting about the upcoming strawberry moon. I hope all your computer problems have been resolved and we’ll see some of your digital art as well. 😊🌻💙

    Liked by 1 person

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