Off on a Road Trip for SUMMER SOLSTICE!

Hey Hippies. My two favourite times of year are HALLOWEEN and SUMMER SOLSTICE. These are 2 times of year I cannot sit in and I have to party. I’m not a big party person, bit of a recluse some times but at these times of year if feel the CALL TO ADVENTURE. Any time I have not acted on this longing I have felt regret. I mostly go to STONEHENGE for the SUMMER SOLSTICE from Dusk till Dawn. But it’s been cancelled this year.

So I am off on a road trip. I bought my first tent. Got it yesterday. Its a pop up one you just throw on the ground and it pops up apparently. Kind of magically! I don’t drink really apart from Halloween and Summer Solstice so I have some pink gin and sprite. I’d given up smoking but I smoke on the solstice. I’ve got a long floaty dress on and a silver moon necklace. My driver is arriving shortly for our road trip. Should be fun! Have a Great weekend!! πŸ™‚


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