Happy Strawberry Solstice Moon

FULL MOON greetings hippies. I am heading out to the coast to go for a night swim under the light of the moon. If I can see it if its not too cloudy!

I will post about SOLSTICE weekend when I get back. I went somewhere cool.

I also have some Pink Moon Mermaid Art to share.

Last night was the Full Strawberry Moon. The Full Moon closest to the Summer Solstice. The June Full Moon. Also known as The Rose Moon.

I love June and Summer Solstice as I am a Solstice Child. I was born on 22nd June just after Summer Solstice. 🙂 So it was my birthday this week.

Hope you like the videos from Lunar Princess. I love her videos and the Farmers Almanac.


I can think of nothing better to do than go for a Night Swim. Love the Ocean. Love the Moon. Xox

16 thoughts on “Happy Strawberry Solstice Moon

  1. Happy belated Birthday 🥳 hope that you enjoyed it. Wishing you all the best. Will be looking forward to your next post. Enjoy the moon, stars and your swim among them! 🥂🤗💖✨

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