Hippy Christmas Everyone!!!

Hi Hippies! Have a very Happy Christmas! It’s been a loooong time since I have written. But I plan to start writing again in 2022. This is quite a funky song. I used to love watching Pan’s People on Top of The Pops. It’s really weird trying to write a post when you have not written in about half a year. I forget how to use the original word press editor. Again! So just using block editor.

Started the day with a Carrot, Apple and Ginger Juice. Got this Tweety Pie Glass on a trip to America once,

Pure medicinal vitamin Goodness there. And here’s a very funky Christmas card I sent to my brother in America. The First Noel…

I also got these magical beautiful starry Angel cards to give to people. They’re more expensive than your average card but so worth it. Nice cards really stand out and people hold on to them and remember you. This ones more sparkly when you actually see it.

This is my funky, stripey, starry multi coloured hippy Christmas jumper.

Well Hippy Christmas everybody. I hope you are all well. and I am going to start blogging again soon!! See you in 2022!!!

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