GingerBread Man on the Run – Poem – Humorous Poetry – GingerBread Man Poetry – Adult Nursery Rhymes – Surrealist Poetry & GingerBread Man Rap / Dance Mix & Music – Festive Fun! :-)

Ginger Bread Man The Scream with Cookie Monster
GingerBread Man on the Run

Of course the GingerBread Man was running away

He’d escaped from the oven and wanted to play

A home made boy that wanted to run

A tasty treat that wanted some fun

If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen

That’s what he did real quick with no messin’

Out of the window before you could blink

Survival instinct, no time to think

He knew for a fact he was gonna get ate

So he got out of the house before it was too late

For sure the Cookie Monsters wanted him dead

Cause they just loved the taste of his Gingery Bread

He wasn’t going to get gobbled up after dinner

Would do them good to get out, might make them thinner

To not eat him up and get out for a run

Good old exercise for everyone

It did get them out, it got them all fit

Chasing after the cheeky git

Along with half the community

With nothing better to do or see

The GingerBread Man was much too quick

Most of the chasers were rather sick

Eating junk food every day

Cookie munchers not getting out to play

Even grazers chewing grass

Wanted a piece of his ginger ass

He was quite a cocky little man

Winding them up while they ran and ran

“Run, Run as fast as you can

You cant catch me I’m the Gingerbread man”

He yelled it out with a sickly grin

Knowing he was much too quick for them

He knew they’d never stand the pace

He chuckled with his sweety face

But he got to a river and could not cross

Cause that would make him soggy of course

So he got a ride on the back of a fox

That is where he ran out of luck

Foxy outsmarted the GingerBread Man

Gobbled him down as fast as you can

Poor old Gingy was Foxy’s lunch

A tasty morsel with a lovely crunch

Aw Gingy could you not have flown

On the back of a bird to a land of your own

Could you not have found another way

To get out of there and on your way

Did you really need to cross the water

Leading to your deadly slaughter

That was the end of The GingerBread Man

He was fast but foxy had a cunning plan

Aw little Gingy you were just too delicious

When you’re that desirable the world’s quite vicious

But we remember Ginger so he still lives on

Much more exciting than a biscuit or scone

Nearly as good as some chocolate cake

Much more animated than the best cupcake

People love baking little Gingerbread Men

Gobbling them up again and again

With their icing lips and chocolate eyes

And their candy buttons they’re a sweet surprise

But most of them never run away

So Gingy’s remembered to this very day

They brought him to life in Hollywood

In the movie Shrek with millions of views

He’s made his mark in popular culture

Though they still want to eat him like ginger vultures

He’s a smiling, mischievous little rebel

A cute and crafty little devil

If only he’d made it to the other side

We’re all quite sad that Ginger died

Little Gingy rest in peace

You lovely little spicy feast!

Ginger Bread Man shrek with cup of tea


(This poem is by Anne-Marie at – Not to be reproduced without prior consent.)

That was my GingerBread Man poem. Based on the popular fairy tale/ nursery rhyme, “The Ginger Bread Man” with a hint of Cookie Monster. Just a bit of Comedic Fun. 🙂 To Spice up your Festive Season. 😂

Wasn’t sure what image to use for this. Then saw a post on Highway Bloggery with some cool images including a “GingerBread Scream” he’d seen on a T-shirt in Venice 🙂 Found the original which is good for this post.

Cookie Monsters and GingerBread Men – They’d go together great in a movie 😉 

Cookie Monster with Ginger Bread Man

Full GingerBread Man Story if you want to refresh your brain!

More GingerBread Man Music…

GingerBread Man Songs:

GingerBread Man (Rap) – Oddville
GingerBread Man (Song) Lunch Money
GingerBread Man (Animation and Song) – Andrew Queen & The Campfire Crew & The Stille Brothers
The GingerBread Man – Christmas Beat – Tristan on the Track

The GingerBread Man pops out in time for Halloween but hangs around till Christmas…

Then he gets rolled out again around Easter….

Cookie Monster

16 thoughts on “GingerBread Man on the Run – Poem – Humorous Poetry – GingerBread Man Poetry – Adult Nursery Rhymes – Surrealist Poetry & GingerBread Man Rap / Dance Mix & Music – Festive Fun! :-)

    1. LOL. 🙂 Me want Cookie now too. Me need to do big shop but raining and dark outside. 😦 I’ve put myself in the mood for cookies. I really hope there are some Gingerbread Men in the shops now. Ha ha. Or a nice German Biscuit with lovely white icing. 🙂 Then again I could just bake some…

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      1. 🍪 for you! 😁 fall equinox has come, although it doesn’t feel it here, temps still in the 80s. However my tastebuds felt fall so I made pumpkin 🎃 bread 🍞 one of my fall favorites and so easy to make. 😋

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I’m not into raisins even though they are healthy. With a basic oatmeal cookie recipe you can add in whatever you want. Next time I am adding chocolate chips. 🙂 I will probably post more recipes on here in the future.

          I can’t believe how utterly outstanding my oatmeal cookies were. 🙂 I blame The GingerBread Man for making me want something sweet.

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