The Demise of Humpty Dumpty – Adult Nursery Rhyme – Humorous Poetry – Just for Fun

The Demise of Humpty Dumpty

Did Humpty Fall?
Or was he Pushed?
Was there someone hiding in the bush?
What brought Humpty to the wall?
Does anybody care at all?
Was anyone lurking at the wall?
Was anyone there before the fall?
I’m not convinced he was on his own
That day he didn’t make it home
Was there anyone that wished him ill?
Another character that wanted him killed?
People do bad things all the time
Even in the world of nursery rhymes
All the Kings horses and all the Kings men
Took a long time to get to the scene
And why where they all out, he was just one round man?
Did they think he had friends that would scupper their plans?
Was he anti establishment did they just want him gone?
Cause they just didn’t like him cause he wouldn’t conform?
Were they trying to silence him, was he a threat to the state?
Well he’s gone now forever the wall sealed his fate
What weird things were seen at the top of that wall?
Maybe they shot at him and caused him to fall
I’ve reopened the case had a look at his file
Lying battered and bruised in the big unsolved pile
One thing cracks me up and I’m really not yolking
The fact that it said that Humpty was smoking
And we’re not talking cigarettes, not talking nicotine
We’re talking about something spacey and green
Plus the wall that he climbed was real super high
To get up there you’d need wings that could fly
Somehow he did it but there was no rope
He must have had a ladder or friends that could cope
With helping an Egg Man scale a very large wall
Maybe it was them that caused him to fall
It seems like he slid and tripped over the wall
Don’t think he was pushed but he sure took a fall
When he tried to tip toe along the top of the ledge
And wound up floored and smashed near the hedge
He was trying to get to the other side
But this was not a suicide
The sad thing is that Humpty went
As the result of a tragic accident
Probably of his own accord
Wanted over the wall cause he was bored
He simply had to get out of it
And that is when he took the trip
Scrambled, Poached, Boiled or Fried
This was not a Homicide
He was out of his mind on whatever he smoked
Then off he went flying and started to choke
When he went tumbling he was out of his head
And by the time that they got there he was already dead
Bye Bye Humpty, Eggman splattered
In nursery rhymes you really mattered
Your memory lives on in space and time
Eccentric Eggman broke in his prime


(This poem is the property of – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

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