Things To Do – To Do Lists and Trying to Get Things Done :-)

I don’t wanna go out I wanna stay in – Get Things Done

“I don’t wanna go out. I wanna stay in, Get Things Done” – David Bowie said that and some days you feel like that.

Today was one of those days, I had lots of stuff to do but I just wanted to hibernate. I ended up not going out cause I was expecting some deliveries. Only one of them turned up. Cause I knew I had stuff to do I didn’t really relax and have a lazy day. I think this week should be dedicated as a lazy week to just chill.

Anyway I did manage to be constructive. Like taking the recycling out. And finding a To Do List Book and writing down some of the stuff I need to do!

These are some of my To Do list stationery that I have. I was big into To Do Lists a few years ago then gave up as we entered 2020! Anyway I’m gonna get back into it again. I think it does help me get stuff done. However it also prevents you doing stuff as you’re writing lists. Ha. But still I think 2022 as a year to finally get more organised.

This is a weekly planner I’ve not used so I am going to set it on the table so it’s handy.

This is a funky cute colourful Stuff to Get Done Notepad.

Okay this has a really boring cover but it is the best Things To do Today notebook that I have. It’s super practical. Really thick. And you can write lots of stuff in it. Really fits the purpose of a To Do List book.

Just check it out. Really good format. And notes space at the bottom which is good for like shopping and stuff. This is my 2022 To Do List notebook.

This is one of my Doodle girls. I am forever doodling. I doodled my way through school. And Uni. And I still doodle on my to do lists. Ha.

Are you someone that is into To Do Lists? Do you find that it helps you or not? Feel Free to Share. Let’s hope we all get some good stuff done in 2022! 🙂


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      1. Ha, ha! Yes, that is the phenomenon where you plan on just a few minutes on the computer, but one thing happens after another, and you are sucked into totally different websites and information. Hours have passed before you know it.

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