Idea for The New Year – Make a Gratitude Box

Gratitude Journals

Okay so we have all heard of Gratitude Journals. Where you write down things you are thankful for or nice things people said or good things in your life every so often.

Gratitude Box

Sometimes its hard to keep a journal so a couple of years ago I came up with the idea of making a Gratitude Box.

How to make a Gratitude Box

-Basically get a nice box or tin or jar.

-Some multi coloured post it notes.

-And a pen.

What you do is each day or however often you like you write the date and the thing you are grateful for. You fold it up and put it in the box.

My Gratitude Box

I make it easy by having the post it notes and the pen in the box. This is my gratitude box from last year.

It was a Gift Box I bought.

You can use a nice box, jar or tin.  

You can do this on a budget

The year before I used an old pasta jar and scrap paper. So you can do this on a budget no problem.

New Years Eve Gratitude Ceremony

Then on New Years Eve the following year (if you’re not out partying!) you can have a little gratitude ceremony.

You read all your gratitudes for the year past. Then you can burn them if you have an open fire or bin them or keep them.

You will be amazed at all the lovely memories.

The good thing about doing this is you realise that even if things are bad there are always little things to be grateful for in life.


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3 thoughts on “Idea for The New Year – Make a Gratitude Box

    1. Thanks and I need to add more to that post. You can do a Gratitude Box as a family or as a class at school or in many different scenarios. I do it just on my own for little memories. It also makes you more aware of little good things in each day. ❤️

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