Let’s Leave these Chemtrail Clouds Behind Poem – Dystopian Poetry and Ominous Cloud Photos

Let’s Leave these Chemtrail Clouds behind

Let’s leave these Chemtrail Clouds behind
Just you and I
Off Grid

Let’s hit the road, Escape the Fear
Out of The Matrix
Skies are clear

We’re reaching for those Heavens of Blue
Wild Spirit Souls
A Wilderness
Just Me and You

Moving Forward is all we can do
Running to Find Ourselves
To Thine Own Self
Be True

Let’s Leave these Chemtrail Clouds behind
Let’s find the SUN
Let Loose

By Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com

Poem and Photos by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com
No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent


Non commercial jet

Dracula Monster Cloud

Grim Reaper Cloud

For centuries humans have looked to the skies to question life and unravel life’s great mysteries. Never stop questioning things.

More info

Above is the ultimate documentary on the subject of stratospheric aerosol geoengineering. Otherwise known as Chemtrails. “What in the World are they spraying?”.


More info:


Song is “Chemtrails over the Country Club” by Lana del Rey

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