Escape from the Techno Beast Poem – Dystopian Poetry and Android Art

Escape from The Techno Beast

Lawnmower Men
So Noisy
Mowing through your Mind
Trying to Shred
Any Original Thought

Machine Men
So Loud
Think they’re unstoppable
But they’re too invasive
So we won’t assimilate

Best thing to do
Is switch them off
Take away their power
Step out of their metal matrix
Their evergrowing Metaverse

Into your own Quantum Serenity
Where Grass Roots Grow
So Strong and High and Dense
That even The Lawnmower Men
And The Machine Men
Cannot cut through

By Anne-Marie at

This Poem and Art are by Anne-Marie at Supernatural Hippie
No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent

Android / Robot / Cyber Man / Cyborg Man / Metal Man / Machine Man Art by Anne-Marie
Trailer – The Lawnmower Man Movie
Music Video at top – Machines (Or Back to Humans) by Queen

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