The Witch and The Wolf – A Poem for The Wise and The Wild ones – Wolf Poetry – An Epic Story Poem for the January Wolf Moon 2022 and Artworks of Women and Wolves

The Witch and The Wolf

The Witch and The Wolf
Met out in the Snow
Out in The Wilderness
Where the Wild Creatures go
Witch said to Wolf
I’ll tell you a story
It’s not going to be pleasant
It’s going to be gory
Witch told Wolf
Of the Darkness of History
And how it portrayed
The Wild Wolf and She
As Dark and as Dangerous
In the wrong kind of light
They stood in their Power
In the Shadows of Night
In the Shelter of Trees
Fountains of Knowledge
Imparting Old Wisdom
You don’t learn in college
Perhaps just a subject
For the Mystery Schools
Who teach Magic and Mysticism
Not Convention and Rules

Cloaked in Deep Mysteries
They connected in pain
Galvanised by the Earth
To Rise once again
Wolf said to Witch
“Why am I chased?
Why am I hunted?
My Goodness erased
They degrade and they hurt me
They hound me to death
Demonising my essence
To my very last breath
They tear me to pieces
They torture and trap
Kill my young and my family
They always attack
They stalk me forever
They rip me apart
They cause so much suffering
To my Native Wolf Heart

Witch said to Wolf
“They kill what they fear
The Wild Wolf it scares them
They chase it from here
Your Power overshadows
It makes them feel small
Hunters in Packs
Will kill one and all
Not out of hunger
Not out of need
Only for Sport
Wicked in deed
To protect vested interests
They’ll demonise you
Pretend it is something
They just have to do
Turn people against you
With false information
Spout out Propaganda
With no regulation
You have Beauty and Majesty
You’re Wild and you’re Strong
You’ll be remembered
When they are long gone

They’ve burnt me and drowned me
They’ve tortured me too
They’ve forced Fake confessions
To things that weren’t true
Witches and Wolves
They don’t conform
Lone Wolves are Trailblazers
Witches Transform
We Look to The Moon
We Learn in The Dark
They can’t censor and silence
What comes from The Heart

Soon we’ll Shine Bright
Illuminating Old Ways
That long laid forgotten
That they tried to erase
As more people yearn
To be Wild and be Free
A new Generation
Will rewrite History
They will find Ancient Knowledge
They’ll start to Embrace
Give Healers and Animals
Their own Sacred Space”

Her story would scatter
Like beautiful seeds
A New Generation
Would see her Good Deeds
The Power of Nature
The Healing of Plants
Medicinal Herbs
Restorative Chants
Soon they would see
The Beauty of Nature
Soon they would want
To Protect their own Future
Soon they would Value
All of Life’s Forms
Soon they’d reject
Outdated norms
And go back to their roots
Back to the Land
Climb up the Mountains
Dance on the sand
Swim in the Ocean
Skate on the ice
Bask in the Sun
Embracing their life
Walking the Path
Their Ancestors showed
Returning to Self
Starting to Glow
Finding their Purpose
Connecting to Earth
Really experiencing
Their Planet of Birth

“Run Free my Wild Wolf
Sing your own Song
Howl at the Moon
Keep Moving Along”

Witch said to Wolf
“I’ll be Your Voice
I’ll Raise the Stakes
I’ll make some noise
People are waking
They’re hearing our tune
It’s stirring their senses
In the Light of The Moon
It’s taking them back
To a Lost part of Soul
Reawakening their Spirit
Bringing them Home

We’re Icons, We’re Symbols
We Transcend Time and Space
Between Worlds in this Cosmos
And Old Astral Realms
We’re Real and Intangible
Our Presence is Strong
We’re the Witch and The Wolf
To this Land we Belong

We Stand with the Ancients
We walk in their steps
We will not be silenced
We speak from the depths
Our Teardrops have fallen
Our defiance swells up
The Witch and The Wolf
Cannot be Stopped

We stand our own ground
Our place on this Earth
Each time they destroy us
There’ll be a Rebirth
Rainbow Warriors are Coming
A Circle of Protection
The Planet must go in a
Whole New Direction”

Witch said to Wolf
“I’ll give your Soul Words
Set them free to the Air waves
Flying like birds
And each Shaman’s Feather
Will bring us new hope
No more trapping and hunting
No more burning in smoke

To all of the Wild Ones
Whose lives have been taken
We are The Hope
That all’s not forsaken
We see your beauty
We feel your pain
We cry your tears
Falling down
Like Wolf’s Rain”

Witch said to Wolf
“I’ll catch your Dream
We all dream of Freedom
It means everything

Our Reign is not over
We’ll Return to the Earth
In a Wilderness Future
Of Planetary Rebirth”

The Witch and The Wolf
Met out in The Snow
Out in The Wilderness
Where the Wild Creatures go

They stood strong together
With the Stars Shining Bright
Projecting their Power
On a Full Wolf Moon Night

The Wolf and The Witch
Their Spirits are Strong
A Powerful Magic
A Timeless Song


By Anne-Marie at

This poem is by Anne-Marie for Supernatural Hippie

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent


Featured Art Work

Anne Stokes is one of the world’s leading Fantasy illustrators and I absolutely love her stuff. Most people will be familiar with her work. She has given me permission to use her artwork with this poem. The image of the girl with the wolf in the branches is called “Soul Bond” and the image of the wild girl and wolf is called “Protector”. The work of Anne Stokes is globally recognised and she is well known for her depiction of strong females, wild animals and mystical animals. The symbolism behind her art work gives it powerful meaning to convey strong sentiment.

The one image that stood out to me to represent the feeling I was trying to convey with this poem was “SOUL BOND”. Anne describes it as follows…

“….. the characters have a close bond as they shelter together amidst the tangled branches of the forest. The lady wears a headband with the three phases of the moon on it, which is traditionally a symbol of the Triple Goddess. The moon is also associated with wolves howling at night in the moonlight. The woman looks over her shoulder and their eyes are both on the same level in the picture as they both look directly out at the viewer, almost as if we have disturbed them…”

You can find more information about Anne Stokes on her website…

I have only recently discovered the art work of Chie Yoshii and I particularly loved her artwork of a girl with a wolf called “Embrace”.

Chie Yoshii’s oil paintings explore timeless psychological themes with a contrasting mix of techniques and styles. Much of her work is inspired by the relationship between human psychology and mythical archetypes. The enduring themes are woven into surrealities filled with symbols and visual narratives.

You can find more information on Chie Yoshi on her website…

Erica Robin is a fine oil painter born and raised in Southern California. I particularly love her images of women and wolves and women in harmony with nature and her unique surrealist style. I used her image “Wolf Moon” here.

You can find more information about Erica on her website…


The song at the top is Wolf Song – Nordic Lullaby by Jonna Jinton.
The song at the bottom is Crying Wolf by Enya


This poem is about the connection between humans and animals. And that humans must be a voice for the animals. The concept of witch in this poem represents those who are unjustly persecuted. Rather than the story book version of witch.


On this the FULL WOLF MOON, Monday 17th January 2022 I would like to wish you a nice evening. Sadly today we learn that yet more wolves are to be hunted and persecuted in parts of Europe.

If you have any wolf sanctuaries you would like the world to know about or wolf causes please get in touch and I will add the links here.

If you are an artist of wolves feel free to get in touch also for future features.

Let us do what we can for the wild animals of this world and for the wild spirits.

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