GHOST People – Ghosts in The Wall – A Ghostly Poem – Dystopian Poetry and variations of GHOSTS in the WALL Art

Ghost People

Ghost People

Living Ghost Lives

They think they’re alive

But they’re Dead Inside


By Anne-Marie at


This Poem and Ghost Art is by Anne-Marie for Supernatural Hippie

Stripey Ghosts

Blue Ghosts feeling Blue

Ghosts in The Wall

Ghost Vortex

Dreary Day Grey Ghosts

Pink Ghosts

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent

Ghost Goodies

A Ghost Cushion to snuggle up to for those isolated evenings you’ve been ghosted…

Some Ghost Coasters for that quiet night in… A drink on the Ghost Coast…

A Ghostly Greeting Card to send to that special someone you may have been ghosting and now wish to make contact with…

For more Ghostly and other stuff check out the designs on my Red Bubble Store…

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