MED NEG – The Silent Killer – Dystopian Poetry

MED NEG – The Silent Killer

Medical Negligence – The Silent Killer
Much more disturbing than any Chiller
More twists and turns than a Deadly Thriller

More gory than any horror movie you could see
Way more terrifying – as it’s reality
But it’s a world we’re not allowed to see

The Dead can’t speak to you and me

Poem and Art by Anne-Marie at

In the USA, Medical Negligence, according to some studies, is thought to be the THIRD biggest KILLER second only to Heart Disease and Cancer.

Anyone that has been a victim, or who has lost someone, not only deals with physical pain and mental trauma but also having to battle a system where it is notoriously difficult to prove what happened.

One thought on “MED NEG – The Silent Killer – Dystopian Poetry

  1. Happy to see you posted this. I have researched this thoroughly – peer-reviewed medical journals – and physicians kill somewhere between 200k and 400k patients each year in the US by totally preventable medical negligence. I’ve put off my own book of my personal experiences as an RN until retirement and until many of the players are dead and gone. I had to do this to protect my livelihood and prevent getting black-balled. It is a vengeful club. But now it’s time to get back to work on it. Take care my friend. Stay well and stay out of hospitals 🏥

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