The Soul Collector – A Dystopian Death Poem – Death Poetry

The Soul Collector

They’re collecting a lot of Souls now
Too many
Leaving all at once
The Soul Collector is
Neither happy nor sad
It knows the world is bad
The Soul Collector sees
Their End Moments
It doesn’t always match
What’s written on official papers
But what transpires in the darkness
Always finds a light source
For each Death is etched
Into the Akashic Records
For All Time
Because every single soul counts
To the Great Creator
When the Soul departs
The Soul Collector is there to catch them
Most Die alone
No one on the phone
No one really knows
Just how someone goes
All things are revealed
Like The Sun and The Moon
Coming out at different times
The Earth is heavy with souls now
Unhappy Spirits
Who will not rest
Till the Truth is told
The Soul Collector holds them
Till they can move on
Some haunt the earth heavy with trauma
Some are released to the light
Some keep floating along
The Lost Souls are waiting for
The Truth to set them Free

By Anne-Marie at

This poem and art are by Anne-Marie for Supernatural Hippie

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

The Music is Chris de Burgh – Spanish Train. An epic rock song I grew up listening to.

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