Escape From the Mundane – Comic Book Girl Art and Merchandise

Escape from The Mundane

Earthdate January 23rd 2022.

The sky was more white than grey. There was no sun, no rain, no blue sky, no breeze, nothing to break up the oppressive weather that just hung like a void. Heavy and gloomy.

She loved storms, snow, sunshine, heavy rain, but not this. Not this stagnancy of weather.

She was ready to escape the Mundane. The Monotony of January in a place where the skies held no wonder.

She was ready to escape the life of the dark, bleak city.

Another world awaited her… She just hadn’t found it yet.

Soon she hoped she would take the right step into a new future…

But how would she get from HERE to THERE…?

And where was THERE?

She supposed it didn’t really matter where THERE was. As long as there was movement…



Escape from The Mundane Merchandise

If you’re stuck in an apartment in a city you don’t like, pick up an Escape from The Mundane cushion and remind yourself, you need to leave soon.

If you’re going to be stuck for a while, treat yourself to this Escape from the Mundane framed print, while you set goals to escape.

If your’re on a budget just get the Poster. And be the Poster boy or girl of Escape.

If you’re going to be stuck for a while and enjoy cooking, make it less mundane with this funky apron.

And maybe a mundane drink or two…

If you’re ready to rock and roll, pack an Escape from The Mundane Bag and prepare for Adventure…

If you’d like someone to join you, why not drop them a line…

You’re good to go…


Music at top is The Animals – We gotta get out of this place
Music at bottom is Del Shannon – Runaway

This post and art is by Anne-Marie at

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

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