Drawing of a Vision that I saw in a Hole in the Wall photo that a Farmer sent me

The Hole in the Wall

So this is a bit random. About a year ago a Farmer I knew sent me a photo of a Hole in the Wall. He was not happy. He owned several properties and had been renovating one. He had spent loads of money and got it all ready and then someone contacted him to say there was a Hole in the Wall.

Photo of the Hole in the Wall

I can’t remember exactly what happened. But I think it was that the people next door were doing some work on their house and the builders actually knocked through to his wall. And he had hired someone to plaster it or something but it wasn’t done right. But it was an ongoing saga. So he sent me that photo as he had to get someone to fix the Hole in the Wall. So he headed to the house to see the hole in the wall and how to go about getting it sorted. He didn’t really explain the full story about the hole in the wall as he was so bugged about it.

Can you see The Man in the Wall?

When I saw it I immediately saw an image. Can you see it? Very clearly a man with an animal.

So I decided to make a picture doodle out of the hole in the wall.

Drawing of a Man in Red with an animal in the Wall

The man is clearly carrying an animal. And there is red around him. I added some ambient light.

Then I put him in a different direction and added some green to symbolise trees as if he was above the world.

The Colour Blue

I then felt the colour blue. At first I thought a dragon forming…

Then I thought no. A lady.

A heavenly lady in Blue. You can see the bannister in the background where the stairs are. This was the final version of the doodle.

I came back to it about a year later to try and tidy it up a bit. But I’d lost the flow of it.

I then did a slightly bluer version. Then I didn’t really go any further with it.

Have you a Hole in the Wall or Hole in the Roof story?

Have you ever had a random hole in the wall appear? Or a hole in the roof or ceiling for that matter?!

Have you ever seen a picture in a Hole in the Wall?

Have you ever created art from a hole in the wall or a random object you found.

It’s amazing how you can see pictures in grains of wood, or walls or trees. Some artists are amazing at creating art like wood nymphs and tree spirits and mythological stuff. If you are one of those artists get in touch. I love stuff like that.

I suppose sculptors see or feel something forming before they start to create.

So that’s my Hole in the Wall doodle.

Music is Fixing a Hole by The Beatles and the video below is Paul McCartney talking about the recording of Fixing a Hole and how someone randomly turned up at his house and attended the studio with him for that song.

This post and doodles are by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

2 thoughts on “Drawing of a Vision that I saw in a Hole in the Wall photo that a Farmer sent me

  1. I’ve seen cracks in walls that seemed like the outlines of pictures, possibly inspired by childhood memories of the eerie Sesame Street cartoon “Cracks”. But what I like best about your reimagining of the hole in the wall is you weren’t limited by the hole; you went well beyond it.

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