Looking forward to “A Trick of the Light” – A new Supernatural British Comic Book Story by Aly Fell

A Strange New Tale of Mystery and Unease

Was really happy to stumble upon this new comic that’s coming out, while browsing on Kickstarter today. Described as “A story inspired by British girls’ comics of the 1960s/70s.” A Strange New Tale of Mystery and Unease.

As someone that’s always trying to find old copies of the cult comic classics Misty and Spellbound, this is right up my street. (Or country lane…) Unfortunately I have missed the deadline to get a copy on Kickstarter but there will be other copies available as far as I know. 🙂

A Folk Horror featuring a Time Slip

Aly describes the story as follows….

“A Trick of the Light is a black and white 40 page comic with colour elements, with some inspiration from British girls’ comics of the 1960s and ’70s. I’ve attempted to catch an atmosphere in the story; a sort of ‘frozen in time moment’. Inspired by ‘Hauntology’, and perhaps elements of ‘Folk Horror’,  it’s set in a place that could slip just out of reach. Nigel Kneale meets Timeslip…”

Story Summary

It’s 1970. Ruth and Cynthia are two teachers at a country school somewhere in the UK. It’s a warm Summer morning like any other, and Ruth is driving them both to work. But as the day progresses she begins to fear she is developing a migraine, and her reality starts to shift. Can she still trust her perception?

Inspiration from a Dream

The inspiration for the story came to Aly in a dream that he managed to write down then piece together and elaborate on. Aly points out that Stone circles in the British landscape feature and elaborates…

“I’ve always been fascinated by stone circles and the marks we leave on the landscape, whether ancient or modern. As a teenager I hitch-hiked round a number of the Neolithic sites of the UK, and for a brief period lived close to two stone circles in central England. They are the custodians and remind us we are just passing through.”

Original Artwork

Aly has done all the work on “A Trick of the Light” himself, the dialogue, the artwork, the lettering. Can’t wait to get a copy! I love this artwork. I just checked out his blogspot and there is more amazing artwork there.


Aly is an illustrator and comic artist with many years experience in various creative industries, including traditional animation, computer games and books. He likes to tell original stories featuring female protaganists, usually with a spooky or Magickal angle.

The time is ripe for a revival of British Horror Girls comics! As someone who is no stranger to living close to Neolithic sites or contemplating time slips this folk horror really appeals.

Will you be trying to get a copy? More information below…


This feature is by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com

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