Kris Kristofferson in CONVOY – 1978 and my Kris Kristofferson Vinyl

CONVOY Movie – 1978

So I’ve just seen some footage of all those trucks in Canada! WOW!

It reminded me of the movie Convoy. Anything with Kris Kristofferson in I am going to try and watch! Not that I’ve watched a huge amount of his stuff. I need to find more. Any suggestions? A Star is Born, the 1976 version was brilliant.

I love these seventies movies. Like I said before we need a RETRO Streaming service. However you can rent this on Amazon.

Starring Kris Kristofferson and Ali MacGraw

Convoy was a 1978 Road movie, directed by Sam Peckinpah, starring Kris Kristofferson and Ali MacGraw. It was based on a 1975 country and western novelty song “Convoy” by C. W. McCal.

The movie was filmed in Arizona and New Mexico, USA and begins in the Arizona desert, where a trucker, Martin, AKA “Rubber Duck” (Kris Krisofferson) is overtaken by a lady in jaguar leading to an encounter with a State Trooper. He later hooks up with the girl, Melissa. (Ali MacGraw)

The trucker escapes a ticket and heads on his way and makes contact with other truckers. Road trip adventure begins and a brawl leads to Rubber Duck heading to the state line to avoid prosecution.

They drive across Arizona and New Mexico, with independent truckers joining them, forming a mile long convoy, culminating in a show down at the United States / Mexico border.

Convoy grossed 45 million dollars at the USA and Canadian Box Office. It was released on DVD and Blue Ray in 2015.

Kris Kristofferson Music

So I have a few vinyl records. This is the Kris Kristofferson one. I’ve a few more but I can’t find them!

Are you a Kris Kristofferson or Convoy fan? I need to find more USA Road Trip movies. I’d say that’s my favourite movie niche.

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