TEMPLE GARDEN – Redshift – Psychedelic Song and Space Animation

Temple Garden – Psychedelic Rock Band from TEXAS

Temple Garden are an independent Psychedelic Rock Band from Austin, Texas. “Redshift” was their concept oriented debut album which was released on April 30th, 2021. The title track, Redshift as well as music videos and an extended version that included an Orson Welles style Radio Drama was also released.


Redshift are brothers Eric and Brandon Carbenia and James Cosner. Redshift was their first album and was the end result of music written and self produced in their home studio during the lockdown of 2020.

Redshift Animation

Temple Garden created a mini series utilizing footage from classic Cambria Production’s Space Angel from the 1960s and the miracle of Synchro Vox animation. Redshift retells the story of the critically ignored radio play in the style of a retro Sunday morning cartoon.

Miro and his AI companion Luria

We join our hero Miro aboard his new spaceship and AI companion Luria as they perform a standard recon mission around his ruined home planet. But this time, the mission doesn’t quite go as planned.

Redshift Mini-Animation Series based on
Sci-fi Classic Space Angel

Redshift – Episode 2

Redshift – Episode 3

Redshift – Episode 4

Check out their Youtube Channel for more Music and Animations

You can watch more music and animations on their Youtube Channel.


Space Angel Science-fiction Television Series

So I like their music as I am a fan of Psychedelic rock. Redshift, the song, is pretty chill with mellow vocals and I really love the guitar sound and the guitar footage on the music video. It’s pretty excellent. I am also enjoying their animations. I’m really quite intrigued by Space Angel as I’d never heard of it before. So for your information, it was an American animated science fiction television series, created by Dick Darley that aired from 1962 until 1964.

Adventures of Astronauts on the Spaceship Starduster

It’s about the adventures of three astronauts onboard the Spaceship Starduster. The main antagonists in the show were the Anthenians, who were modelled on a combination of Ancient Rome and Sparta. Another antagonist was Zorra, the Evil Queen of Space, who resembled Nefertiti, and her henchmen, “the General” and “the Major”. Definitely one to check out for Sixties Sci-Fi and Space Lovers. You can check out the retro 1962 Opening Intro on youtube.

Temple Garden

For more information on Temple Garden and their music and animations check out



You can also find them on all the usual social media including Facebook and Instagram. If you want to hear all 13 tracks on their album it’s also available on Amazon as a download.

This feature is by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com

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