The Babe Rainbow – Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest Music and a Hippy Valentine I drew


HELLO HIPPIES! Well January is nearly over. Time to let a bit of SUNSHINE in… Well if you have not heard of that song it’s The BABE RAINBOW with Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Broccoli is an easy word to mis spell. It’s got two c’s and one l. That rhymes so you can remember that for the next time you want to spell Broccoli! Ha. I’m not a big broccoli fan but it’s really good for you so I need to try and get into it.

Psychedelic Hippy Vibe

Anyway what a super cool video that is. You might think at first that’s a song from the sixties or seventies as they have captured the Psychedelic Hippy vibe so well. But in fact this band formed in 2014. They are from Bryon Bay in Australia and they have a laid back surfer style image and mellow trippy sound. Their music falls into the genre of Psychedelic Pop or Rock / Soft Rock. Or what I’d call Trippy Hippy.

The Babe Rainbow

I’m not sure if this song was ever released as a single. But I could be wrong. But it is on a Babe Rainbow EP. Anyway hope you like it as much as I do. This is the BABE RAINBOW… And their nice happy surf style.

This is The Babe Rainbow’s Bandcamp site….

Happy Hippy Girl Art

This is a Happy Hippy Girl I did. She has long blonde hair and wears a bright yellow vest and blue jeans. She wears a headband and is full of love and light and there are butterflies of happiness around her.

Hippy Valentine

This is a Psychedelic Hippy Valentine. I did this design to make into a Psychedelic Hippy Valentines Day card. As I think there’s a definite niche in the market for that. And some people want to send more fun light hearted Valentines Day cards.

Another less Psychedelic variation.

Psychedelic Hippy Valentines Cards

Here’s some more versions of the Psychedelic Hippy Valentine.


Pale Blue

Bright Pink

And a HAPPY HIPPY with a beautiful vibrant green border. Love that shade of green.

You can buy these Hippy Valentines on my store at REDBUBBLE

What do you think of the BABE RAINBOW and Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest? You can buy it at various outlets including Amazon and also download as an MP3 for next to nothing! YAY.

Chill Trippy Hippy Music to transport you to a Sunshiney, Surfy World…


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No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

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