Window Shopping Hippy – Love is in the Air – Valentine Card Spotting

Love is in the Air

A good excuse to play this song and video. Mainly because, as well as the melody, I really like his cool t-shirt and he has amazing long hair. Love is in the Air was a disco number by John Paul Young, an Australian Singer, released in 1977.

Hello February

Hello February and the month for Saint Valentines Day. Pinks and Reds fill the shops. I was in the supermarket yesterday and these are a few Valentines I spotted.

Just for FUN

This Ghost Valentine caught my eye first…

Then there’s a Peanut Butter one.

Who remembers Sooty and Sweep?

Can’t go wrong with The Moon.

Pink and Red Love Heart. Keeping it Simple. But cheerful.

The Lady and The Tramp. I always associate this with Spaghetti.

R2D2 Star Wars Greeting Card. This one is very cool.

More Star Wars Stuff.

Started February with my first Valentines Card from a friend from the USA, received in the post today along with a Hippy Necklace.

Two weeks to Valentines Day. For those of you who celebrate it!

Sunshine of your Love is one of the best known songs by Rock Band Cream, released in 1967.

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