More of Marie’s Magical Mystical Mandalas

More Mandalas

Well I’m kind of on a roll with Mandalas now. I kind of need to step out of Mandala Land as my visions starting to get blurred!

Mandala Land

I entered Mandala Land about a week ago and it’s kind of addictive.

Magical Mushroom Mystic Mice Moot

The mystical mice of the forest are having a meeting and a little bit of a picnic amongst the magic mushrooms.

Grasshopper Sunflower Dance

The Grasshoppers are preparing for a Magical Feast. The Sunflower knows they are coming. But it can’t help being irresistible.

The Magician’s Muse

A Magician ponders on his muse.

Mystic Moon Maidens

On the Full Moon, some Mystical Moon Maidens wearing a magical pendant harness the power of La Luna.

Return to Carcassonne

A Magical Mediaeval Walled City awaits.


Music is You can do Magic by America released in 1982. According to,this song is about a skeptic who doesn’t believe in love until he meets a girl who shows him it’s real.

Really like the brightly coloured shirts in that video. And the jeans.

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