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So I was in the supermarket yesterday and asking if they had any more Snoopy carrier bags. But they were all sold out. Waaaaaa. 😦 I said that was quick! They said yeah they were popular. But the lady on the checkout told me there was a small Snoopy section in the supermarket. Anyway I wandered round to find it. There wasn’t much stuff left but here’s what I sighted…

The Snoopy Valentines Day Section

So I found the Snoopy Valentines Day Section. Above are Snoopy Chocolate Mug Melts. Below are Snoopy Cookie Kits and Snoopy Cookie Cutters.

Another Chocolate Mug Melt.

Snoopy Novelty Mugs Below.

You won’t get your mug at the office mixed up with this one.

Snoopy Chocolate Bar Card

Now how CUTE is this? Who wouldn’t want that in the post? Would it get there intact though? That is the question…

Snoopy Hot Chocolate Selection.

This section was popular as there wasn’t much left!

I think it’s really interesting that Snoopy is way more recognised than Charlie Brown or any of the other characters.

Charlie Brown and The Peanuts Gang – Snoopy Novelty Turntable

One of my friend’s is big into Snoopy too. She sent me a link to this Snoopy Turntable which you can’t get now which is a bit of a bummer.

There’s actually a few Snoopy record players knocking about. I wish there was more novelty, bright coloured and retro stuff like this. Makes a change from regular stuff. You can always trust Snoopy to JAZZ things up. 🙂

Snoopy Novelty Hairdryer

So I was telling my Snoopy friend at Christmas that I had the Snoopy hairdryer. She could not believe that I had given it away. I did keep it for years. Then it started not working and it is really hard to get electrics fixed nowadays. No one seems to be willing to repair stuff for some reason.

I eventually got rid of it which I kind of regret. But I am terrible for having lots of clutter and I seriously always need to dejunk. But every time I do I think gosh I should have kept that.

Are you a Snoopy fan? Maybe you like this turntable too. Maybe you had a Snoopy hairdryer.

More Stuff

I like this if we could resume normal travel. As how boring life would be if we are forced to stay in one place all the time. Life is short. Whole World out there.

Rocket Chocolate for avid Eggsplorers.

I’ve not heard of Om Balls but they look cute.

Inky the Octopus Chocolate Novelties.

Chocolate Bunnies on the Shelf.

I didn’t buy this. I put it in my trolley to take a photo. I am probably going to get this for my niece.

One of my friends got me a Starbucks Card at Christmas so I got a Soya Chai Latte. And spotted these.

Magic Mushroom cloth bag. Very Hippy.

Lush Pink Red Roses.

I got a Fresh Natural Chocolate Face Mask.

More Bright Colours, Retro and Novelty Stuff please

Thought for the day. I am amazed at how many manufacturers stick to boring colours and boring designs when bright coloured and novelty stuff flies off the shelves and even creates a cult like status. I think a Snoopy Laptop would be nice. And more brightly coloured laptops.

Yes there are things that appeal to the mainstream but there is also plenty of room for niches. You can make a lot of money by creating a niche in the market. It generates more excitement.

I think in the future we are going to see customers working with manufacturers to part design their own products.

Window Shopping Hippy

I’ve started doing these Window Shopping Hippy posts to prevent myself from becoming a shopaholic chocaholic while trapped in a city.

Hang on Sloopy

Will leave you with Hang on Sloopy by The McCoys from the 1965. Kind of sounds like SNOOPY. Ha ha what a GREAT video. What a great number. FUN Times. Music at the start is the Charlie Brown Theme by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.

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