HAPPY VALENTINES DAY – Raspberry Ruffle Time & My Raspberry Beret Art – Just for Fun

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everybody. The weather here is an ominous grey with a white cloud filled sky you can’t see through. No wind, no rain, no sun. Usual rubbish weather for here.

Not to worry though as I plan to bring in a little colour in the form of Valentines Day Pink.

Speciality Tea

Me and my friend were talking yesterday about making Indian Chai Tea which we both love. There’s a brand of loose tea we love. I then found out they do a Rasberry Ruffle Loose Leaf Tea. Wow. So I need to get some of that, It’s likely I will have to order it online though.

Frys Raspberry Cream Bars

Some of you may be familiar with Frys Chocolate Cream bars. They have dark chocolate and a fondant minty centre. Well apparently they have a limited edition Raspberry flavour. Which I want to try. Though as yet I have been unable to find them.

Raspberry Ruffles

At the very least I will get some Raspberry Ruffle Chocolate Bars. And I may even attempt to make a Raspberry Ruffle Cheesecake. Or if not then a Raspberry Ruffle Milkshake.

Raspberry Jam

Would be good to get some nice raspberry jam too. Not supermarket stuff. Good stuff.

Raspberry coloured Roses

Some pinky red roses would be nice too.

Pink Jacket

Despite the grim weather and the general gloominess about I am gonna wear bright feminine colours today.

I will report back if I find the Raspberry Ruffle Tea and Raspberry Frys Bars. In between other stuff I have to do. 🙂

Raspberry Beret Girl

This is my Raspberry Beret Girl Art. I did different versions.


Music is Raspberry Beret by Prince and The Revolution from 1985.


This post and art is by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

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