Winter Solstice Warmer – A Winter Solstice Poem

Winter Solstice Warmer – A Winter Solstice Poem

Stare into Darkness and Stoke up a Fire
Reflect on the Year as the Flames burn higher
Purge your Soul and set your dreams free
Rejoice make merriment under Sacred trees
The Evergreens, The Holly and The Mistletoe
Flourish in the cold and midnight snow
Ruby red berries amidst seasonal fruit
Adorn an outdoor spread in an evening moot
Where spiced drinks flow and spirits rise
Under the dark and mystical skies
A Moon appearing beyond the mist
Lighting a seasonal mistletoe kiss
Where dancers move to a drumming beat
Forgetting the cold in the Solstice heat
Flames melt ice on the longest night
In a circle gathered by crackling fire light
Where souls are gathered in introspection
Setting goals together for a new direction
Sharing and laughing in a community
Bonding in friendship and unity
As the wheel turns closer on this sacred night
In the depths of dark in the pale moonlight
Embracing the dawn as the darkness dies
The Sun reborn bringing brighter skies


(This Poem is by Anne-Marie at – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

Happy Winter Solstice Ice Tree Gif

Christmas Winter solstice candles

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