Frostbite The Snowman – A Vampire Snowman Poem – Christmas Horror Poetry

Frostbite the Vampire Killer Snowman Artwork for Poem
Frostbite The Snowman

Frostbite The Snowman
Was a very freaky guy
With his eyes of coal
And his carrot nose
Some people stayed away

Frostbite the Snowman
Was a Nightmare
So they say
He was made of snow but some people know
How he came to life one day

Frostbite the Snowman
Was a pretty crazy guy
He looked quite cool
From a distance
Till you looked into his eyes

Dark like burning coals
He could put you in a daze
He seemed to lure you in
Then leave you in a melty haze

He was quite the artists model
Posing on Winters Days
The subject of many paintings
Avoiding Sunshines Rays

He usually just wore a scarf
Maybe sometimes a hat
And his stony smile
Could nip you
If you decided to
Take a chance

And get too close to
The Ice King
Shining all white and bright
Seemed like quite the cutie
Till you encountered him at night

Cause that’s when Mr Frosty
The Vampish Killer Snowman
Would decide to
Take a bite!

This surreal and silent snowman
Was not quite what he seemed
His dark and stony stare
Could cause a girl to scream

He was known to freeze his victims
It is said he could steal their souls
The last thing they’d remember
Was those eyes like burning coals

And that little dotted smile
Hiding those killer fangs
Immobilising his victims
Even as they sang

Sugary Christmas songs
That made him seem so sweet
But those that ventured too close
Were found dead on the street

Frostbite could melt and disappear
So no one ever guessed
That he was a Vampire Snowman
Luring Carol Singers to their death…

By Anne-Marie at SupernaturalHippie


This poem and artwork is by Anne-Marie at No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent. 

The Vampire Snowman Art Frosty

Frostbite the Vampire Killer Snowman Artwork for Poem

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17 thoughts on “Frostbite The Snowman – A Vampire Snowman Poem – Christmas Horror Poetry

  1. WOW…that explains everything !! Haha. You certainly fit right into your Astrological sign !!!
    I never knew much about it until i read online ….my Son was born June 18th (Gemini)….I am a Libra (Oct 2 )

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