Valentines Day is Coming… Some of my Valentine Card Artworks…

Valentines Day is Coming…

Hey Hippies. I have not written in a while. I need to find an adaptor to get the photos of my phone and onto my computer. Looking for one that fits an Honor Lite phone. No joy as yet…

Hope you all had a nice Halloween, Christmas and New Year!!!

Here is some of my Valentine Artwork I did before

I created these artworks and they are for sale on REDBUBBLE. Hope you like them.

Mystic Valentine

She sees you in her FUTURE…. Will you be THE ONE?


Greeting Card

Cosmic Mermaid Valentine

This Mystic Mermaid sends you Waves of LOVE.


Greeting Card

Hippy Valentine

Valentines should be fun. Show some cheer with this HIPPY VALENTINE.


Greetings Card

Got my first Valentine Card of 2023 yesterday

Got my first Valentines Day Card yesterday from a friend in the USA. Have to say it did cheer me up. So nice to see a nice red envelope and get a card in the midst of all those horrific energy bills!!!

My Red Bubble Page – Amari Danielle

You can explore more colour schemes and designs on my Red Bubble Page.

If you have created an Valentines Artwork feel free to share in comments section…

Send that card…

Life is Short. LOVE is everything. So SEND that CARD to the ONE that you LOVE… Or to a friend.

Much LOVE from Anne-Marie Xox


Music is “I Think I Love You” from David Cassidy, 1970. And from The Partridge Family movie.

This post and art is by Anne-Marie at

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

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