Beware The Ides Of March!

Beware The Ides of March!

Some say REVENGE is a dish best served cold. Some believe in KARMA. Some say What goes around comes around, Some say PRIDE cometh before The Fall. Some believe in Premonition and Prophecy. Some say “Beware The Ides of March”.

Julius Caesar and The Soothsayer

Today is the 15th of March also the 74th day of the Roman Calendar and also known as The Ides of March. Julius Caesar was assassinated on the 15th March and so it became a notable date in Roman History and a deadline for settling debts.

William Shakespeare wrote about it in his play Julius Caesar where Caesar is warned by a Soothsayer of his impending doom and to “Beware The Ides of March” and then several acts later is assassinated.

At the time Caesar dismissed the Soothsayer and ignored the warning which makes me think of the concept of a “Gypsy’s Warning”. It also highlights the plight of having a big ego and of not listening to others and leads us to question if Caesar could have saved his own life had he listened.

The Ides Of March – 70’s Band

Just to lighten things up, there’s also a rather FUNKY band called “The Ides of March.” They were an American Jazz Rock Band from the Seventies.

A day to take stock and settle debts

Beware the Ides of March has come to be associated with a day that you may reap what you sow or a day that you may take revenge on others or indeed attempt to right a wrong.

In the Game of Snakes and Ladders that is life it could be a day that you climb a very long ladder or go down a very big snake.


Songs are:

Beware the The Ides of March by Myles Kennedy
You Wouldn’t Listen – Ides of March
Vehicle – Ides of March

Video What are the Ides of March is from Inside Edition.

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One thought on “Beware The Ides Of March!

  1. How nice to have a day dedicated to revenge. For those of us who successfully suppress it the other 364 days. I don’t know why this doesn’t get more press!

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