Synchronicities, Manifestations and the Power of the 3,6,9 in a World of Pure Imagination

In a World of Pure Imagination

On Friday I was humming the song “Pure Imagination” that Willy Wonka, Gene Wilder sang in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I don’t know why I was humming it. It had just come into my head. Anyway that evening I went to the Chinese Take away and the girl working there took my order. Then she started humming the exact same song. I said what are you humming? And she said oh its the song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, it just came into my head. I said I was humming it about an hour earlier. Very interesting I thought. Coincidence or do people pick up on vibes from others or perhaps communicate in subtle telepathic ways. Still it’s unusual to meet someone the same day that’s humming the same tune as you. Especially if it’s not a song that’s currently in the charts or in an advertisement. Although I think I’ve had this happen before.

3,6,9 Power Manifestation Journal

Anyway the night before I had started a 3,6,9 Power Manifestation journal. I am going to write a separate post on this. But I have noticed that when I start these 3,6,9 Manifestation journals there is an energy shift where life starts moving again and things start happening. It’s almost like you spiral into a different quantum field. I find it gets me out of ruts and also helps me focus on things I want to happen. I’ve also noticed that when I am in this energy synchronicities and somewhat magical or unusual occurrences happen. And that life kind of gets revved up and into gear. The power of the 369 is based on the work of Nikola Tesla.

Manifesting a Lost Parcel

So that morning I was speaking to a friend from America. He and his friend has sent me a parcel at Christmas. However I had never received it. And this upset him as the parcel seemed lost. Anyway it had turned out the parcel was retained in Dublin at Customs. Reason being, bizarrely that one of the presents was incense sticks. We think that’s the reason anyway. There was a Starbucks gift card, a piece of Palo Santo Wood and a box of assorted incense sticks.

Anyway my friend kept trying to trace the parcel. And it ended up in Nashville which is where he had sent it from. But then bizarrely it was sent to Florida! Honestly I wish I had the trip the parcel had would have been a great holiday. Ha. So my friend was very frustrated saying can you believe that you never got the parcel and I can’t even get that parcel back. Like where in the hell is the parcel. We had not talked about the parcel in a while. But that morning we were both discussing the parcel. I was like well I guess check with the postal service again.

Within an hour he contacted me to say. The parcel had arrived!!! He sent me photos of the notes and the presents himself and his friend had sent me. He said he would give it to me in person if I visit. Then he phoned me about the parcel and said can you believe that we were just talking about this and then it arrived. He also said that he was sitting on his front porch. And that the postman had already been. But then after walking down the road turned around and headed back and gave him the parcel. So the parcel hadn’t arrived with the post. It came later. After we had talked about it. Interesting.

He had sent it December 2022 and it never got to me but finally was returned back to my friend in March 2023. It wasn’t that it had turned up finally. It was that it turned up after we were both talking about it and he was telling me how he’d been told it had actually ended up in Florida! And that the postman had already been and the parcel was not there. But then after the phone call he reappeared with the transatlantic parcel.

We live in an Energetic Universe

Anyway of course there is more to life than the material world. Thoughts create things. Especially when you start to raise your vibration. People have abilities that they don’t necessarily tap into or think about. But when synchronicities start happening and things you hoped for start appearing in the material world you have an awareness that you have spiralled into a slightly different energy field.

Manifestation Book

There are tonnes of books on Manifestations. This is a little book I picked up in a bargain book shop. I like it cause its what I call a snackable. A book you can flick through quickly, with concise information and inspiring images. There was actually a couple of pages in it about the 3,6,9 manifestations.

Perhaps you have experienced such things

Perhaps you have experienced a stranger humming the same tune as you an hour later. Or manifested something into your life. Or have created a 3,6,9 journal yourself. Feel free to share if you have.

I didn’t actually manifest the lost parcel with the 369 stuff. But what I find is when I start doing them it’s almost like life starts to spiral out and make other stuff happen as well as the stuff you’ve asked for.

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