Journey to The Land of The Post It People – Day Dream Believer Doodling in Dead End Jobs

Doodling in Dead End Jobs

I’ve had a LOT of dead end, low paid and boring jobs. Fingers crossed I get a good one soon! Anyway one of the things I used to do in office jobs when there was nothing much to do was doodle. Mostly on scraps of paper with biros and pencil if there was one and maybe like a highlighter pen, colouring pencils and felt tips if there was any knocking around.


Here are some POST IT PEOPLE I created from Imagination….These are POST ITS that I have kept. Some are on scraps of paper too. But you get the picture.


Sunshine Girl

This one is my favourite. She’s called Sunshine Girl. She could have been a Happy Hippy from Sunny California in the 1970s. Into mysticism, spirituality, sunshine, nature, trees, brightly coloured clothes and adventure.

Post it People sunshine girl

Messy Hippy

This one’s a Hippy too. But she is more messed up. Though still cheerful. She is not quite sure what she is doing in life.

Post it People Hippy Girl

Fairytale Mystical

This one is Fairytalesque and Mystical. She could even be a Flower Fairy.


Space Zombie

This one could be Space Age / Zombie or Retro Punk.

Post it Girl

Sixties Style Icon

This one is demure. She could be a style icon from the 1960s even though she is looking quite casual and laid back.

Post it People Stylish Girl

Mellow Red Head

This Red Head has inner calm. And also has a laid back sense of style. I love laid back senses of style. She is actually a part of Storyland below. But I am not sure of her role yet but I am thinking – Step Daughter to the Queen.

Post it People Red Head Girl

Welcome to Story Land

The next few characters all fit together in some kind of mad fantasy story… The first character is…

The stressed out Queen

You can see she is stressed out and she has had no sleep. She is trying to keep the affairs of the castle in order. Yet fears the walls may be crumbling. There is also a lot of repairs that need done. It is hard to maintain a palatial home. And hard to keep it warm. She’s feeling the cold a bit.

Post it People The Demented Queen

Messenger Boy

This is Messenger Boy. He is messenger to the Queen. He too is stressed. And he drives the Queen crazy. But it’s not working for either of them.

Post it People Messenger Boy

The Pompous Prince

This is the Pompous Prince. He could be a Duke or an Earl. Either way he is Aristocratic. He is annoyed by everyone and everything. He keeps to his own elite social circle. He is also very sensitive. But also prone to erratic rages and spitefulness.

Post it People Prince

Court Jester

This is Court Jester. But he is bored of clowning around. And has now taken up several bad habits. Nobody is quite sure what way he is going to go. He could quit and be alright. Or have a horrid clown fit.

Post it People Court Jester

Mini Magic

This is Mini Magic. She is indispensable to the Queen. She floats around, works wonders and multi tasks. She is a magical being. But much like a genie emerges from a lamp to serve his master she is bound to the Queen. She is also her advisor. She is a Stylist too. A wise woman indeed. She gets summoned on a whim and can float pretty fast.

Post it People Mini Magic

The King

This is The King. He is always laughing and just oblivious. He has a large social network and spends a lot of time with his male friends. He and The Queen don’t get on so he just avoids her. Mini Magic suspects he is seeing other people. He has slight narcissistic qualities and basically just wants to enjoy life. Money is no object. Which is why he is cheerful. The Queen is from a different bloodline and has outside family pressures and now health concerns.

Post it People The King


This is Slazarus. He is from an aristocratic background. His family were into banking. But there are now financial problems after his brother gambled away a lot of the family money. He is a friend of the Kings and lives in the Castle but the Queen can’t stand him. And he made a move on her one evening when he was drunk. He has a bad drinking problem. And is afraid he is going to end up with nothing. He has an eye for the ladies and goes to local taverns and this is when he feels best. He is grumpy unless he is in a tavern flirting with the ladies. He has put on weight and is prone to depression. He does not have a clear aim. His family are in another country. He is avoiding them.

Post it People Slazarus

You can tell I could write a children’s story…

Street Boy

This is Street Boy. He is too old to work but too young to draw a pension. He is disillusioned. He drinks, takes drugs, does art and makes friends with younger people. He is hoping to get a lucky break in something creative. He is single cause he can’t meet a normal woman or one that is not high maintenance. He is holding out for some cool alternative girl to hang with him in his apartment. He hates the system. But he gets tortured by it. He’s becoming quite agoraphobic.

Post it People Street Boy

Geek Boy

This is Geek Boy gone Bad. He’s had enough of everything. He stares at computer screens all day. His teeth are screwed now cause he ate so much sugar as a child.

Post it People Geek Boy gone bad

Future Girl

This is Future Girl. She is rather cool and attractive and not many people can carry this look off. But she can. She is highly confident and very popular. Nobody even mentions her unconventional appearance as she is so good looking she can get away with it. Any hair colour looks good on her. She has been blessed with amazing hair and bone structure. Her whole life lies ahead of her and she is into art and music. She likes going out cause she doesn’t wanna hide her sexy future retro look at home. She is Future Retro. She could make it as either a model or an actress but she wants to have multi coloured hair so she’s not up for that. She is a Millennial. She lives in the now. She could also be defined as Future Retro Punk. She is not afraid of the Future. She is the Future. She is tall and slim but not fat and not skinny. She’s in great shape but she doesn’t work out. She has a really active life. People do a double take when they see her. She is like a Time Traveller that has also harnessed the power of the mind. She is like someone that has travelled backwards through time and knows a lot of stuff. She has lots of male friends and has no problem getting a boyfriend. Lots of her male friends are madly in love with her. But they don’t tell her. She can be one of the lads. But she loves her female friends and is fiercely protective.

Post it People Future Girl

Future Goth girl

This is Future Goth Girl. She is Goth but with a Futuristic Twist. She is what cannot be defined. But there’s a lot going on there.

Post it People Future Goth Girl

Injured Alien

This is Injured Alien. He is trying to survive on Earth but everyone is hassling him, beating him up, harassing him, jumping out of cars to give him a beating, threatening to kill him, physically attacking him and actively trying to murder him. Alien cannot cope. And he is an absolutely amazing guy. His parents died when their space ship crashed and he has been stuck on earth. He is absolutely gutted. He is always on the run and lives in constant fear of the authorities who want to take him in for experimentation. Don’t worry he got out of this one. It was a toy sword and it bent at the back didn’t go into him but it give him some pain and scratches. The kids are after him too you see. He lives an absolutely tortured existence. A real loner. He really hopes one day Aliens land so he can get the hell away from earth. They absolutely hate aliens here. Which is a real shame. Aliens are absolutely demonised in the media even though they don’t know Alien. If they did they might help him and be friends with him instead of killing him being green and seeing him as a threat. They are the threat. We can only hope that Alien somehow makes it home or finds a safe place.

Posit it People Injured Alien

Dead End Actress

This is Dead End Actress Girl. She has done extra work. And has got a few small parts. She is never going to be a movie star as she is not tall enough and she doesn’t have the right look. She is really attractive but in a sweet I want to cuddle you kind of way. People don’t drop their glasses when she walks in the restaurant. She is starting to get fed up of  silly roles and silly costumes. She is thinking of getting married now. Her boyfriend is really serious and doesn’t encourage her acting and winds her up about her crazy roles. She is not sure she wants to marry him. But she is fed up of the acting now. She thinks she is going to go on holiday and have a think. One minute she was in her early 20s and now she is in her early 30s. She is done with the elf work.


1980s Girl

This is Eighties Girl. She was very pretty. She was a fantastic dancer. And she starred in some 80s movies. After her acting and dancing career she got married and now lives in a big house with 2 kids. She is still with her husband. She is not that dramatic and she loves being a home maker. Her husband was mesmerised by her dance moves and beauty and managed to steal her away at her prime. But they are totally compatible so it all worked out.

Post it People Eighties Girl

Poser Girl

This is Poser Girl. She has a lot of money. She has a really good figure. And she loves herself. She can afford to live the hippy lifestyle that true hippies can’t. She goes to all the music festivals. Her focus is looks and hair extensions and make up. But she is not super fake and not into surgery. She also has a Boho edge and a bit of depth. Her focus right now is mostly looking good and dating guys. And striving to find the right guy. And telling her friends about it. She is obsessed with her appearance. And constantly checks herself. She does not want to grow old. It’s a concern.

Post it People Poser Girl

Vintage Girl

This is Vintage Girl. She is a Model. And likes glamour of a classy nature and big hair, tight dresses and high heels. She’s in demand.

Post it People Vintage Girl

Mystic Girl

This is Mystic Girl. She stands out. Sometimes looks like a Time Traveller. Other times a movie star. Other times vintage. Even in a white t-shirt and jeans she looks amazing. Especially with her shiny black stillettos. She likes to look good but she is deep and into the mysteries of the universe. She has a black cat called Tabitha, does tarot readings, burns incense, collects crystals and dresses very extravagantly. Her style changes constantly. But even when she dresses casual she looks striking. Good genes. Good heart too. She is into self development and loves travel and attends mystery schools and workshops. She is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful inside and out. People don’t think she’s weird cause she is so good looking and so friendly you immediately warm to her. She wants to meet her soul mate but she hasn’t yet so she is staying single and focusing on expanding her mind.

Post it People Mystic Girl

Psychedelic Girl

This is Psychedelic Girl. She is Mellow and Chilled. She is really happy in life as she has met an equally chilled Psychedelic guy with gorgeous waves of long shoulder length hair. This keeps her stable and together they are going to travel the world in a camper van. Well it’s actually better than that. A really good RV with all the mod cons. She has gorgeous wavy long hair and she changes the colour. She loves bright colours and so does her man. She is gorgeous but not a flirt. She has met her Soul Mate. Together they are Chill.

Post it PEople Psychedelic Girl

Trippy Lady

This is Trippy Lady. She is wild. She got married once. Way too young. Her child is grown up and world travelling. She divorced her husband. Now she is vivacious and a big flirt. She is moving around different places to live and works freelance as a therapist. She goes to festivals and has stalls there. She meets holistic people and mystical people and creative people. She went from being unhappily married to living life as full as can be. She spends a lot of time abroad working in holistic resorts. She is very happy.

Post it People Trippy Girl


This is TREE. Tree wants to say something. He wants to say he has feelings too. And has been stuck watching as his friends get cut down. He is one of the last men standing and communicates via an underground network of roots. He lives in an exposed part and is sad to see the vast deforestation. He has seen generations come and go. He outlives them all. He now is getting fed up of the earth. His friends have been massacred and he feels their pain.

Post it Tree

Miss Stripe

This is Miss Stripey Top. She likes to work out. She plays tennis and goes to the gymn. She also goes to libraries. She keeps busy. She doesn’t want to think too much. People don;t know that much about her. She ind of blends in and then does her own thing.

Post it People Miss Stripey Top

Red Riding Hood

This is Red. You all know her story. She’s my favourite fairytale character cause she wears red and she has a sense of adventure and a love of nature and wild things.

Post it People Little Red Riding Hood

Are you a Doodler?

Any other doodlers out there? Feel free to share in the comments below. ๐Ÿ™‚

This post and art is by Anne-Marie at

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent

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    1. Hi Sandy. Thanks for the feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have 2 Mermaids I am painting that are unfinished. And also other mermaids I’ve drawn I can upload. I need to get back into the art. But I need to relocate to the ocean first! As too creatively blocked living in a city. But yeah I will share some mermaid art and poetry soon. Gotta LOVE Mermaids. ๐Ÿ™‚


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