The Highlight of last Weekend? – Watching Daisy Jones and The Six!

Daisy Jones and The Six

So last weekend I was in my friends house and he had Amazon Prime, Disney, Netflix all of those. We were looking for something to watch and were considering a Marvel movie on Disney as we like those. But as soon as I clicked on Amazon Prime and Daisy Jones and The Six popped up I knew I had to watch it. And I knew I was going to like it. And I did and I binge watched it the whole weekend as it was that addictive. It was raining outside but I was in a world of Seventies colour and flare and music. And then I watched it again this week. What’s not to like… 70’s style, 70’s fashion, long hair, guitars, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Cliche I know but it works. Pure Escapism.

Based on a New York Times Bestseller

Once I got past the first episode or two I really started to get into it. I’m not going to spell out the story but it’s based on an imaginary band in the 1970s who move to California. The series is based on a book by the same name “Daisy Jones and The Six”, a New York Times best seller, by Taylor Jenkins Reid, which of course I have purchased and am probably going to start reading tonight. The author states the book is based on her experiences growing up and watching Fleetwood Mac performances on TV.

The story charts the rise and fall of the band and the TV show is a Musical Drama mini series. We flip between the story as it happens and then the band members in the future looking back documentary style.

Riley Keough Stars as Daisy

The Star of the Show for me was Daisy Jones of course as she was the enigmatic and beautiful central character. Played by Riley Keough, daughter of Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough and Grand Daughter of Music Legend Elvis Presley. Her character was amazing, vibrant, volatile, unpredictable, edgy, feminine, romantic, talented and passionate. She started of as a singer songwriter but it wasn’t until she hit the stage with her duet and the band that I thought yeah, wow, a real funky, fiery, feisty, Rock Chick. I absolutely loved this character including her amazing boho, hippy chic, elegant dress style and her rawness and freshness. She had a great voice too and interestingly she had not done singing before so she got voice lessons for the role. I’m also considering getting the Vinyl from the series, “Aurora” as I loved the music.

Seventies Nostalgia

It’s so refreshing to watch something retro like this. For me The Seventies was an Era like no other. If I could head there now I would. There is so much Nostalgia there. And the music and the style was just uniquely brilliant. As well as the original soundtrack from Daisy Jones and the Six the television show features a lot of great music from that era. The show seems to have really created a buzz and seems to appeal to all age groups young and old. I think the time is ripe for shows like this as people want to relive the colour, freedom, fashion and music of the seventies. In an Era of government over reach and corporate control, it’s nice to look back to freer more cheerful, carefree, creative and colourful times.

Billy Dunne

I was also impressed by the central male character, Billy Dunne, as of course he forms a big part of the story. Troubled, moody, angst ridden and hard to figure out, a guy that keeps self sabotaging himself. But a talented singer and guitarist battling between his life as a Musician and his life a as a Family man while trying to overcome addictions. You can really feel how tense this guy is. He’s played by Sam Claflin. My favourite song of his was “Look Me in the Eye”.

Love Triangle

As the story progresses we see a LOVE Triangle form between Billy, his wife Camila and Daisy Jones. Camila Alvarez, Billy’s wife is played by Camila Morrone. She’s another character that I liked. Beautifully exotic, she plays the troubled wife with an inner strength who wants a faithful husband, despite the fact he’s musician. Another central female character and band member is Karen Sirko played by Suki Waterhouse, who portrays an edgy blonde drummer.

Other Characters

The show has a lot of great characters. I really liked the character of Teddy Price played by Tom Wright, who played the Record Producer. He was smooth and down to earth but also demonstrated just how powerful record producers are. He tried to keep the band together and was a very grounding influence for Billy and an encouraging influence for Daisy. We even had a bit of Disco thrown in with Simone Jackson played by Nabiyah Be. It’s also really cool that as well as being set in California we see some characters head to New York and to Greece.

We Want More!

So the way this ended…. Well it was a bit of a Cliff Hanger, it leaves you wanting more, I looked to see if there were more series and there wasn’t. I researched it and this show is a Limited Edition Mini-Series which means there are no more seasons. Ah gutted! There is no sequel to this book from the author either. Well as they say you always want what you can’t have and this leaves you wanting more. Waaaay more…

If you liked Almost Famous or A Star is Born you will like this. I hope they bring us more seasons of this!

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4 thoughts on “The Highlight of last Weekend? – Watching Daisy Jones and The Six!

  1. Good review! Now I gotta check it out !! I was in my prime during the 70’s … so alive & the best music…I wish I could go back !!!
    I’m lucky I even survived… totally trusted everyone… hitchhiked everywhere….stoned most of the time….strangers were friends….

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