Believe in The FREE BIRD not The Broken One – A Poem about a Broken System

The FREE Bird

They want us to believe
That the left wing thinks this
And the right wing thinks that
They don’t though
Cause they’re all mixed up
And everything’s in a flap
They’re both the wings of the same old bird
That doesn’t speak for you or me
Just for governments and politicians
Corporations and Monopolies
The people have no vote
The people have no say
Laws are passed without our knowledge
Every single day
Laws that do not serve us
That take away our rights
Deprive us of our humanity
To try and take away our fight
But every human has a voice
A voice that must be heard
Shake those chains of dystopian power
That have you running scared
If I could pick a bird
I’d pick a pure white turtle dove
Forget their power and politics
And just be PEACE and LOVE

This poem is by Anne-Marie at

No unauthorised reproduction without consent

Image at top snippet of Woodstock poster with White Bird
Buffalo Springfield – For what it’s worth
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird (In Oakland)

2 thoughts on “Believe in The FREE BIRD not The Broken One – A Poem about a Broken System

    1. Wow. Ha. I guess we all have psychic abilities to a certain extent though underused or misunderstood and we are all interconnected. If only they taught Metaphysics in schools. Have a nice evening Sandy Peace Love


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