The Sirens Sing and The Wood Nymphs Dance – Fantasy Poetry – Magical Poetry – Speculative Poetry

Nymphs Art

The Sirens Sing and The Wood Nymphs Dance

The Sirens Sing and The Wood Nymphs dance
But woe betide the man that took a chance

With a Lady from the Other Realm
He may never see his Earth again

As he follows Enchantment to Forest or Sea
Lured by a Magical Sensuality

Far removed from the Mortal World
Where there’s beautiful mystic maiden girls

Hidden in a Magic Realm
In an Otherworldly lost Domain

He’ll head for the hills or go to the sea
The city was not where he wanted to be

He’d take a chance on a roving maiden
Even if it meant that death would take him

In this Land of Beauty he is charmed
Alone in fantasy in ethereal Spirits arms

He lets go as the wood nymphs dance
Or the sirens sing and their eyes entrance

He falls into the underworld
Engulfed by beautiful but deadly swirls

Of  voices singing and bodies swaying
Surrendering he let’s the elements take him

When The Sirens Sing or The Wood Nymphs Dance
The Mortal Man doesn’t stand a chance

For many a male throughout history
Has sacrificed security for a Mystery

Water Nymphs Art


(This poem, written July 2019 is by Anne-Marie at – No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.)

Music is “Temptation” by Heaven 17 and “Run to You” by Bryan Adams

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