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A Very Frosty Winter

Well it’s been a LONG, HARD, WINTER here. We had SNOW recently in March. I love Snow, it’s kind of beautiful to look at and kind of magical as it’s a rare thing here. But Frost and Ice. No Thanks! We have had a lot of frost and ice here this winter and it makes if very difficult to walk outside. I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer and Sunshine. I thought I’d roll my Jack Frost art and poem out before the weather changes to Spring.

I drew Jack Frost from imagination a while back and wrote a poem about him. Here it is…

Jack Frost

It’s a long hard winter
When he’s around
He’s stony cold
He’ll freeze the ground
Fill you with a deadly chill
Cold to the bone
He’ll make you ill
He’ll trip you up
Make it hard to walk
Make you fall
He’s Old Jack Frost
He’ll make you slip
He’s filled with vice
He has no mercy
Blood like Ice
You’ll know he’s there
Cause you’ll feel his breath
All over your body
Like Winter Death

When I thought of Jack Frost I saw him as an Older Man, though not necessarily elderly. When I draw things they just emerge from imagination. Jack Frost was often depicted as an Older Man similar to Old Man Winter. In recent times he was represented as a sprite making mischief with his bad weather. Because of his association with Winter I depicted him as an older gent. However the name Jack makes me think of a younger man for some reason. And every season has it’s youthful elements. How do you see Jack Frost? It’s all open to interpretation. I’ve always thought of Jack Frost as mischievious and bad but he has also been portrayed in a sympathetic light, such as in Rise of the Guardians.

It is thought that Jack Frost had his origins in Norse mythology. While I can see the benefit of snow and ice, for fun mostly, frost is not so good. But I guess frost is a part of these weather systems. For the purposes of the poem I separated frost. But Jack Frost can represent snow, ice, frost and freezing cold.

Jack Frost in Films

The character of Jack Frost has appeared in several movies including horrors and he has even been depicted as a Snow Man.

Bye Bye Jack

One things for sure Jack Frost is never depicted as a Good Guy. Personally I will be glad to see the back of him! HA. Wherever Jack Frost appears he’s likely to receive a FROSTY reception.

This poem and art is by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com
No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent

You can see more of my Jack Frost and send him as a postcard on REDBUBBLE


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