Pink Moon Easter Goddess Art and Poem

Full Pink Moon

Greetings on The Full Pink Moon, the first Full Moon of Spring. This years Full Pink Moon falls Thursday 6th April 2023 so it’s also The Easter Full Moon as Easter falls this Sunday.

Pink Moon Goddess

Anyway, I decided to draw a Goddess of The Pink Moon.

Here she is….

And write a poem…

Pink Moon Easter Goddess Poem

On The Pink Moon
She Rises
Harnessing Oceans
Of Possibility
New Life
Creative Energies
Of Light and Love
Leaving Dark Days
Bathe in her
Warm Glow
She is The Goddess
Of The Pink Moon
Her Brightness
She brings
April Rains
And hints at
The Sun
That is yet to come…

I did different versions of her.

This one is my favourite.

If you want to send Pink Moon Goddess as a postcard you can purchase her on my Red Bubble site…

I also did her with EASTER Greetings…

HAPPY EASTER Hippies. Full Moon Blessings to you all Xox

Music is Full Moon by Santana

This Poem and Art is by Anne-Marie at

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent

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