The GOLDEN Ladder – Art and Poem

Golden Ladder Art

So I started doodling and drew a girl with the ocean and the sky and then I drew a ladder. Then I turned it into this. It’s the curtain of the heavens and the cosmos opening and a golden ladder appearing to a girl who is staring into the black void. It’s on a dark night of an eclipse and she finds herself in a dark night of the soul. Yet she taps into something powerful. It’s quite hard to find information about The Golden Ladder on the internet.

I’m sure there’s a vast swathe of information we just don’t connect with as we wade through predictable corporate algorithms made of money and power and conformity and failing to find what we are actually looking for.

Connection to The Cosmos

I am aware of The Golden Thread, The Golden Rope, The Golden Cord and Golden Energy and that it connects to the spiritual realms and the divine. But it is a ladder I actually drew, but it comes from the same place and has the same concept.

So as you can see I added the wording The Golden Ladder on these. I also did versions about The Universe trying to help you tapping into the whole we live in a universe of abundance type of stuff.

I wrote a poem about it as to what I think The Golden Ladder represents.

The Golden Ladder Poem

A Golden Ladder
Connects Heaven and Earth
It’s there at your Death
It appears at your Birth
It connects to The Cosmos
You can harness it’s Powers
Reach for it’s rungs
In your Darkest of Hours
It’s a Pathway to Spirit
To the Souls that have passed
And those that aren’t born yet
It’s Potential is vast
It’s in the Akashic Records
And World Mythologies
Invisible yet Powerful
If we could only seize
The knowledge of a world
Outside of the material
Our connection to the Heavens
And all that is Ethereal
An awareness of our Inner Power
Of Energy and Metaphysics
To channel from the Astral Realms
And touch the Inner Mystic

This poem and art is by Anne-Marie at

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent

Song is GOLD by Spandau Ballet

Perhaps you are aware of the concept of a Golden Ladder. Or if not a Golden Rope, Thread, Cord or Golden Energy.

You can buy The Golden Ladder as a postcard amongst other things on my REDBUBBLE site.

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