Supernatural Hippie Blog is 5 Years Old – Blog Anniversary and some Early posts

Supernatural Hippie Blog is 5 Years Old today

Hey hippies. This April 2023 Supernatural Hippie is 5 years old. I created the Blog in April 2018. Here was my introductory post back then…. April 8th, 2018. Today 5 years ago.

Welcome to my Supernatural Writing Blog where you can Experience The Mysterious

And here are 3 of my earlier posts from April 2018.

Lost Lover – Ghostly Doomed Love Poem

Julia Dream – Dreamboat Queen – Pink Floyd

The Allure of The Gothic Victorian Mansion

Thank-you to all my Followers

Thank-you to all of my followers and all I interact with here and to random people of the internet that stumble upon me. I’ve connected with some great bloggers here. I hope to keep blogging for another while. 🙂

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