Window Shopping Hippy – Books and Greeting Cards

Hit the Mall

Hey Hippies. Been on lots of Adventures lately. To Ancient Sites, Oceans, Mediaeval Festivals and much more. Today I had to hit the mall. Saw some cool books and cards.

Irish Gothic

Noticed this before. Plan on getting Irish Gothic. The Sea Book looks really interesting too. Love books about The Sea and the Ocean and people who live near the sea or out at sea. Wild Atlantic Women also caught my eye.

Anam Cara – Spiritual Wisdom from The Celtic World

Nearly bought this one. Had a flick through. Looks very interesting inside. Will order it soon. It’s an absolute definite. 🙂 Looked it up online. Here’s the description….

“When St Patrick came to Ireland in the 5th century AD, he encountered the Celtic people and a flourishing spiritual tradition that had already existed for thousands of years. He also discovered that where the Christians worshipped one God, the Celts had many and found divinity all around them: in the rivers, hills, sea and sky. The ancient Celtic reverence for the spirit in all things survives today – a vibrant legacy of mystical wisdom that is unique in the Western world.

Now, in this exquisite book, Irish poet and scholar John O’Donohue shares with us the secrets of this ancient world. Using authentic Irish prayers and blessings, he reveals the treasures that lie hidden within your own soul and the ‘secret divinity’ in your relationships. As he traces the cycles of life and nature, he draws from the holy waters of Ireland’s spiritual heritage to lead you to a place where your heart can be healed and nourished. It is a place where you will discover your own anam cara, your true ‘soul friend’.”

The History of Magic

I’ve spotted this book before and definitely want to get it.

Cinematic Places

Cinematic Places – Inspired reading. I remember watching the film “In Bruges” and deciding I had to visit Bruges. Movies definitely are one of the things that inspire my trips at times.

You can read about my BRUGES trip here… I wrote about The Basilica of the Holy Blood a few years back.

Can’t go wrong with a bit of Moon Goddess.

Or hikes and cycles…

Cards I may frame

Saw lots of cool cards. And bought these.

Would look nice framed. They look lovely and inspirational.

Got this for a friend.

Alice in Wonderland

Saved the best for last. Alice in Wonderland Psychedelic Colourful Trippy card. Absolutely LOVE this. Bought a few of them.

It’s from Camden Graphics and it’s blank inside for your own message. Getting this in the post would brighten anyone’s day. 🙂

Today’s Haul

Purchased the greeting cards above. Plus some Aura Reading cards which look very interesting. Also bought my friend an Ireland Touring Road Atlas large scale. Very very good. Biggish in size but not thick or awkward and easy to flick through and you don’t have to strain to see the print. And got this Irish Poetry book for someone. It’s absolutely lovely and has beautiful illustrations throughout.

Today’s Song

Today’s song is “Never can Tell” by Chuck Berry. This song has been spinning about in my head for the last few weeks for some reason. Found this cool video on youtube that flits between John Travolta and Uma Thurman dancing in the epic movie clip from Pulp Fiction and Chuck Berry playing the song.

Epic Coffee and Lemonade

Had an epic coffee today in a cool coffee place. Then later had a delectably beautiful fresh lemonade made with fizzy water. LOVE fizz. 🙂 Hope you all have a nice day. 🙂

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