Happy Full Flower Moon! – Cherry Blossom Moon Goddess Art and Poem

Happy Full Flower Moon

Happy Full Flower Moon today, Friday 5th May 2023. This is the May Moon. As this is the time of year when we start to notice flowers as Spring begins and Jack Frost has finally vanished! (Hopefully) You can see my Jack Frost Art and read my Jack Frost poem here…

It’s also the time of year that people begin to plant seeds. I don’t know what flowers you are noticing where you are. But I am noticing the flowers of the Cherry Blossom tree and I absolutely love them. Beautiful and Pink.

So for me this is “The Cherry Blossom Moon”. And I’ve drawn a Cherry Blossom Moon Goddess and written a poem. Have a nice evening everyone.

Under the Cherry Blossom Moon

She reclines in the Forest
She’s in Full Bloom
Under the Light of the
Cherry Blossom Moon

Summer is coming
And Spring’s in the Air
She’s ready for Love
With flowers in her hair

Cherry Blossom Full Moon Goddess Art

I did a few versions of my Cherry Blossom Full Moon Goddess Art with different colour variations. If you like them you can buy them as a postcard or whatever on Redbubble.

(Please note the versions here are for this website and not the original quality.)

Farmers Almanac – May’s Full Flower Moon

Will leave you with a video from The Farmers Almanac about the Full Flower Moon.

Baby take a walk among the Flowers

Today’s song is “Daydream” by Wallace Collection. They were a Belgian Band and this was released in 1969. Love it and Love the video.

This poem and art is by Anne-Marie at http://www.supernaturalhippie.com

No unauthorised reproduction without prior consent.

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