My Poems

Love Stakes
Perfect Stranger
Lost Lover
Vampire King
The Last Unicorn
Ocean of Truth – Blue Eyes of the Mystic
The Seeker
Where the Dragonflies are
The Artists Call
Mistress Moon
His Blood Red Rose
From the Shadows of The Mystic
The North Wind
The Sirens Call
The Girl he Seas
The Sailor Girl’s Dream
The Cry of the Ocean
Shoe Box Man
Daring Rose Red Leaves Snow White
The Demise of Humpty Dumpty
The Lizard King
Deadly Sirens Song
She Ghost
The Ghost Man
Death of the Astronaut
Super Fly Agaric High
Lady Silver Hair and The Crystal Kingdom
The Captain of her Heart
My Friend the Indigo
Solstice Child
Mr Eclipse
The Midnight World
Adventure Calls
A Trip in the Trees
Take Me to the Depths
The Sirens Sing and The Wood Nymphs Dance
Mister Mystery Roller Boy
The Gates of Dystopia
Happiness – The Elusive Butterfly
No Happy Endings Here – Or is there?
Out of Sync with this Algorithm
The Drunk in the Glass
Midnight Child
The Wounded Wolf
In a Dead Dogs Eye – Shadows of The Psycho
Hot Blooded Male
She’s a Wild One
Vampires Dance
Drifting Mermaid
Venusian Flame Girl
GingerBread Man on the Run
Find Your Freedom – Find Your Flow
The Promise
The Vampire’s Lament

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